Wednesday, 27 May 2009

A great website and some Ebay bargains...

Hi everyone, I was surfing the net last night and came across a website called as it stocks a sun protection range for hair that I was after for my holiday. The range I'm talking about is Joico K-Pak Sun Therapy. It's had some really good reviews and the shampoo, conditioner and protective sun milk (pictured left) are supposed to prevent your scalp from burning and also stop your hair getting frazzled. I'm going to test this on holiday for the first few days and then start using Keratase Soleil range and see which one performs better. The Joico range is alot cheaper and on the above mentioned website it has been discounted to £7.95 each (as opposed to £10.95 each). There are some really good discounts on this website and they stock brands such as NYX, which are sometimes hard to get hold of. They even have a page of 'specials offer' cosmetics like Maybelline bronzer for only £2.50! They also sell stuff like YSL Touche Eclat for £18.95 (original price £23.00). So it's definitely worth a look.

Following on from an earlier blog about the Eyelure 'Nicola' False lashes...I tried them last weekend and I spent around half an hour trying to get them on and failed miserably. When I did get them on (granted the ends wouldn't stick down properly because I had applied the glue so many times over), they just looked ridiculous on me. I decided in the end that false lashes just aren't for me and I'm going to work with what god gave me. I'm not saying these lashes aren't good, because I am a novice and in no position to judge. I would say that they weren't the best eyelashes to try for the first time and maybe not suited to amateurs.

I was Ebaying yesterday and managed to win myself three items, which I'm excited about. The first is MAC Cream Colour Base in Shell, which wasn't available on the MAC website when I was looking on there. I won it for £7.20 (inc p & p) so I was chuffed about that. The next item is a Lancome Juicy Tube Smoothie in Simmer. I got a trial size of this when I was in New York on holiday a few years ago. I loved the colour but when I got back, I realised that you could only get it in America :(

I tried to get it on Ebay for ages but it never seemed to turn up...until now! I saw a full size tube and snapped it up for £4.50 (plus p & p). I have posted a pic of the colour on the left. It's a lovely pink lipgloss shot with gold and looks great with a tan.

I also won an Almay Glow Skin Brightener in Natural (a pearlised oink shade). I used to use this when I was younger and I'm not sure if it's still available to buy in shops. It's a great primer for make-up and really makes your skin glow, as the name suggests. I am excited to try this again.
I will let you all know how I get on with the Ebay products when i receive them!


  1. Great bargains! Gotta love ebay! :D

  2. I know, it's been a while since I got stuff from Ebay but it reminded me what a buzz it is to get things cheaper on there. I'm still watching a Clarins Bronzer in Copper Sun, a Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick (which will probably go for a ridiculous) and MAC Your Ladyship pigment so here's hoping I win them too!


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