Friday, 15 May 2009

My attempt to avoid a holiday hair disaster...

I also forgot to say that I am on a mission to find the best sun care hair range before I go on holiday to Sicily at the end of June. I went away to Croatia last year and frazzled my hair because I didn't put anything on it to protect it! Doh! I had never had a problem with my hair before so I assumed it would be ok (I didn't think about the fact that I got my hair coloured 3 days before my holiday and was over-using my GHD's!!!).
So I basically ended up with alot of breakage at the root and loads of little sticky up bits that would not stay down no matter how much product I put on...very annoying. It also earned me the nickname "Mo" (as in Mo-Hawk!) at work for months! It took a long time to grow out and replenish so I'm determined to look after my hair this time round. I stopped using my GHD's about 3 weeks ago (hate the first few cold turkey days coz my hair feels all puffy :( ). I have also been using Paul Mitchell Strength range (shampoo and conditioner) to try and build up my hair. I know the conditioner has SPF but I think I might try something different on holiday (i.e. more concentrated).
My hair dresser recommended the Keratase Soleil range. I have never tried it before, only the Bright Pink range for coloured hair which I found brilliant (if not a bit expensive). I have bought that twice before and always kinda forget how good it is until I buy it again. I guess I never wanted to get too dependent on it in case I started wanting to re-purchase it all the time - not wallet friendly! I'm always on the look out for haircare that's more affordable but still gives good results.

So, I have found the range on a website that offers quite big discounts and I'm planning on ordering the shampoo, conditioner and styling spray (just to make extra sure I don't end up with scarecrow straw hair again!). I will do a review when I get back from my holiday and then I can assess if it has made a difference. My holiday is 5 weeks tomorrow...not that I'm counting!ha ha

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