Thursday, 28 May 2009

Payday Craziness!!!

Hurrah! It's payday! The best day of the month by far! I was excited to get on the MAC website and order all the stuff I had been coveting for ages. But I must confess that I have been very, VERY bad and got more stuff than I originally planned to...alot more stuff. But the way I see it, what better to spend your hard-earned money on than stuff that makes you happy? Exactly...I knew you'd see it my way!ha ha. Anyway, enough of me trying to justify my weakness, here's the rundown of what I got on the MAC website:
  • Eyeshadows in Print, Carbon, Filament, Woodwinked, All That Glitters, Beautiful Iris and Shroom

  • Brushes 213 & 210

  • Fluidline in Blacktrack

  • Studio Sculpt Concealer

  • Pigment in Mutiny

  • Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Engraved

I told you I was bad! Once I get started, I just can't help myself! I have been watching alot of videos on YouTube by Kandee the make-up artist. She is amazing and I love her pin-up/Marilyn Monroe looks...really retro and sexy. She used some great products for those looks too so I will probably add them to my list of things to get in the future. She uses the ShadyLady palette alot by The Balm. I googled it but only seems to be available in America so may have to trawl for a bit longer to find it. She also mentioned a product called Avalon Unpetroleum Jelly, which is a totally organic gel, kind of like Vaseline but alot less greasy. She advised to put it on after moisturiser at night to seal in your moisturising cream. Apparently it's amazing for your skin if your prone to dry patches (which I am). I have ordered some for $4.50 on an american website as it doesn't seem to be available in the UK. I will test this product out and let you guys know what I think. It has to be pretty good if a make up artist is recommending it though.

She also did a really interesting video on what Marilyn Monroe did with her make-up to change the way her face looked. She basically shows you how to contour your cheeks, how to make your nose look shorter and thinner across the bridge and also some neat tricks on how Marilyn did her eyeliner and lipstick. Being that she is such an icon, it's fascinating to see how much work went into creating the look that made her so famous. I guess that's the secret to glamour and being have to make it look effortless for it to really make an impact (even if you've spent hours perfecting your make-up, which she did apparently!!!).

I also ordered some Prestige Mineral Powders from America and can't wait to try these out! I think I'm on top of the holiday clothes situation now however I did spot a cute little pink stripey dress in Accessorize that has a nautical feel that would be very nice for the beach. I'm still swithering on whether to get it or whether I should just be happy with what I already have...

I really love all the little beach dresses in Accessorize. This one is only £22.00 and you could just throw on some nice flat sandals or deck shoes, a nice nautical- themed pendant, team it with beachy wavy hair and you're ready to go. Easy! I feel another purchase coming on....

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