Thursday, 21 May 2009

Upcoming review and new Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess range

I have to admit that ever since trying false lashes when I was about 16, I have been too scared to try them again. Basically the ones I used weren't very good and started peeling off mid way through the night...very embarassing when you're trying to project an air of effortless glamour. ha ha. That put me off false lashes...until now! Recent reviews of the new Eylure Girls Aloud lashes and the fact they have been hailed in magazines such as Glamour made me re-think my decision to always go natural with my lashes. I had a look on and decided that the Nicola ones were my best bet as they looked the most natural (aka the least scary) so I bought them. I was going to save them for a big event I have coming up but then decided that it may be a better idea to wear them on a general Friday night out in town to test how well they perform. So this Friday, I will attempt to face my fear! I will let you know how I get on and post a review next week!
I also wanted to find out if any one had tried the new Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess range? It looks so lovely and I'm dying to get the following stuff. Sand & Sea eyeshadow palette, Duo Tone Eye Pencil in Aqua/Teal, Luminous Liquid Bronzer and Shimmer Lotion. If anyone has already bought any products from the range, could you please let me know if they live up to all the hype? I wouldn't normally buy Estee Lauder but this new range has really taken my fancy!

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  1. i got the nude lipgloss from the bronze goddess range, i think im going to go back for the coral one :) x


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