Saturday, 6 June 2009

Amazing Haul products...

I got quite a few products online this month that I can tick off my ever growing 'I want/need' list. Firstly I wanted to find some quality make up brushes that could perform as well as the MAC ones I already have. I got two Kent brushes, a precision angled brush no.1 (£6.50) and a small domed blender brush no.4 (£8.50). I used them in my previous post (FOTD) and they are brilliant. I got them from I think they are fantastic cheaper versions of the MAC 208 and 219 brushes. I will definitely be getting more of these brushes in the future! I recommend you check these out.

I also got two Prestige products...the Baked Bronzing Powder in St Tropez (on the right in pic) and the Skin Loving Minerals Powder in Pure Shimmer (on the left in pic). I was mega excited to try these after hearing loads of people rave about both of these compacts. I used them in my previous post and I was really impressed with both of them. I love the colour of St Tropez, it feels nice on my skin and is finely milled. The Skin Loving Minerals compact is my favourite though, this powder is so so gorgeous and gives such an amazing glow on the cheekbones. I couldn't get the right lighting in my last post to show how lovely it is...but believe me, if you are the type of girl who likes glowy cheeks, you HAVE to get this! Another amazing product for the dewy/glowy look is MAC Cream Colour Base in Shell. I got mine on Ebay as this colour isn't available on the UK MAC website anymore. This is such a gorgeous Colour and gives such a lovely glow to the cheeks, it's a bit more 'sheeny' than the Prestige highlighter. I have swatched both Prestige products and the MAC one below (Prestige Bronzer, Highligher, then MAC Cream Colour Base). Apologies for the complete rubbish quality...I need to get a better camera!

I will try and do a FOTD soon using the MAC Cream Colur Base to demonstrate how lovely this this. I watched a few vids by Kandee The Makeup Artist on YouTube and she had used this product on cheekbones, browbones or as a base for eyeshadow. She is brilliant, you have to watch her. It really is a multi purpose product and a colour that really would suit everyone.

Last and by no means least, I got a Lancome Juicy Tube in 'Simmer'. As I had said in an older post, I got a trial size of this product from a store in New York years ago and I used it up in about a month!I tried to get it in the UK and failed miserably! Thank god for the wonder of Ebay! I got a full size tube of it for £6. I have got it on in the pic on the left to show how lovely and natural the colour is. It's a peachy colour infused with gold and it looks just stunning with a tan.


  1. i love the prestige bronzers, they go on so well. great haul! i love bronze coloured makeup for summer xx

  2. Great haul. I am on the hunt for prestige products in Canada.

    Come check out my blog if you get a chance. Cheers.

  3. The Prestige powders are just great, I'm so glad I got them. Thanks for the comment Phoebe. Lipstickrules123 I will definitely check out your blog...if you have real problems finding Prestige stuff in Canada, gimme a shout and I can see if I can get some, we can do a product swap!Are there any good Canadian brands?

  4. Hi there -- would love to do a swap. I'm keen on Prestige, Barry M and Illumasqua.

    MAC was born in Toronto (where I am) so we're very proud of our makeup heritage. We have some GREAT Canadian brands today - Quo Cosmetics, Annabelle, Joe Fresh etc. Email me via my blog and let's chat some more about a swap.

  5. Ok, need that CCB in Shell and the Prstige highlighter AND that JT!!

    YOU young lady are gonna be bad for my wallet!! LOL

  6. Have a look on Ebay for the MAC CCB and Lancome JT. I got them for a decent price on there. I'm bad for your wallet? I'm bad for my OWN wallet!ha ha


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