Thursday, 11 June 2009

Can a girl have too many lipsticks?

I was reading Bubblegarm's post on making your own lipstick palette to take on holiday...what a great, practical idea! I love it! She just bought a cheap eyeshadow palette, scraped out the eyeshadows (I would be tempted to make sure the eyeshadows aren't usable before doing this!) and then melted down a bunch of her favourite lipsticks into the moulds, one by one.

The only thing I was worried about was possibly ruining the texture or colour of my lipsticks by melting them...I wasn't sure if it would make them go rancid or something!ha ha. Apparently though, after some research, if you add a very small amount of vaseline (so as not to dilute the colour pigment) then this keeps a nice smooth texture to the lipstick and stops the pigment from crystallising once it has set into the mould. Make-up artists often use this method, so I'm told. The other great idea I came across was someone using a watercolour palette from an art supplies store. They are a cheaper alternative to buying one from a make up store or website and look how nice it turns out...

This pic is courtesy of I am so going to try this out for myself! It looks like a professional palette bought from a store! The only thing that doesn't sit well with me though is cutting off the tops of my favourite lipsticks :( ...yes, yes, I know I am being silly but the little OCD fairy inside me doesn't like things like that. She likes things to be neat and tidy and she certainly doesn't like decapitating lipsticks!!! I'm sure I'll get over that though as I'm going on holiday in 9 days time so I need a space saving idea for my makeup.

Apparently, you can also press your pigments into a palette like this too! I love the thought of making my own custom colour pigment palette to take anywhere with me. You can press the pigments into the watercolour palette by mixing them with a small amount of Rubbing Alcohol (70%) which has a citrus scent to it - once you're finished mixing, the consistency should be like cake icing. This ensures that your pigment will set quickly. You then press the pigments down using a coin covered in clean sturdy fabric (denim is ideal) using suitable force. When you feel the coin slot in the pan, you can add one or two more to make sure the pigment is pressed as much as possible. You then place some very heavy books on top of your pigments and leave overnight. All you need to do then is label them! I am going to try this as soon as I can! Have fun!


  1. I pressed some of my pigments, then got bored so the other 20 are just in their sample pots. I don't have the patience and sit and do them. It's so bloody time consuming and I was covered in glitter - lol

    I prefer to carry my lipiies as singles (I'm not gonna carry a palette to work or on a night out if I need to do a touch up am I?) but the idea of pressing them is cool.

  2. Yeah i get what you're saying...I was more thinking of how good it would be in a travel sense when I go on holiday as I hate taking loads of makeup away with me but if I had a compact palette, I could just pop that in my case and save alot of room. I doubt I would take it out with me or to work.

  3. I'm TERRIBLE when I go away. I take everything and use nothing! I never learn and then just buy even more when I'm away to lug home with me LOL

  4. The best thing to do is wait till you've used a few of your lipsticks till they're almost all gone, then scrape out every last bit from inside the casing. This way your OCD fairy can still be happy. If you use MAC lipsticks, this is a good way to get a head start on your required six empty containers to get your freebie! Cool idea using the art store palette. I wonder if they have smaller ones? That way you could absolutely take it with you on the go. :)

  5. @ Yinka (Vex in The City) - I'm the same, I always take stuff "just in case" and end up going way over the weight limit!My boyfriend gets very frustrates with me!ha ha

  6. @Gamaki78 - Great tip, thanks for that, I will have to remember that one. I haven't finished a lipstick in ages, i always end up buying new ones so the ones I have never run out.ha ha.The art store palettes come in smaller sizes too, you should check it out x


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