Thursday, 4 June 2009

Diamond Blogger Tag...

This tag was started by Natalia at I Would Go Out Tonight But...

It's basically a list of 6 blogs that you think are brilliant and really worth a daily read, you know, the ones that you check on a regular basis and get alot out of. I have a big reading list of blogs that I follow, but there are a few that really stand out as really informative, interesting and fun blogs (please don't be offended if I don't mention your blog, it took me a while to whittle the list down since there are so many great bloggers on here). It's a great way of spreading the word and introducing your followers to new blogs that you just know they will love.

The list is as follows:


This was the first blog I ever started following as I also watch Laura's vids on YouTube. She was the reason I got into this whole blogging malarkey. I still enjoy all her posts and really value her opinion on products, if Laura says it is good, then it will be good! She ain't called a guru for nothing!

Belle Du Jour

This girl is one glamourous lady! She lives in New York and works in the fashion industry (no, I'm not jealous at all!ha ha)...reading her blog is like escapism for me and I always find myself looking forward to her next post, which is what a good blog is all about! From what I have seen, she has impeccable style and taste and this is what makes her a great blogger.

Hele Says

I really enjoy reading her blog and particularly enjoy her reviews on products such as bronzers and nail polish. She was one of the first people to start following my blog and she always seems to give honest, clear opinions on products that she has used, whether it's a high end brand or drugstore brand. There's no brand snobbery here and I like that.

Kandee The Makeup Artist

I started watching Kandee's vids on YouTube as she is a professional makeup artist who does film/tv/music videos etc and I love seeing what looks she comes up with. Her advice is brilliant, from the basics of how to get flawless skin to more complicated pin-up/Marilyn Monroe looks. This lovely lady is probably the most upbeat, happy person I've ever seen and seems like such a sweetie. She can actually make you feel happier just by watching one of her vids. She is running 'Glaminars' (seminars on make-up) in L.A. and I sooooooo want to go!!! Why can't I live in hoo.

The Yummy Mummy's Beauty Blog

This glamourous 23 year old mum does great posts on loads of different types of cosmetics and has great taste in clothes/jewellery etc. It's nice to find a blog where everything they post up, you yourself would like to buy. She introduced me to a great website for jewellery just recently so I recommend that you check out her blog for stylish looks and great reviews.


This lovely girl was also one of my first followers and let me into the secret that GOSH Velvet Touch Primer is just as good as the Lancome or YSL one! Information like that is why I read her blog and have saved myself some cash! She has made an effort to comment on my posts before and I appreciate that.


  1. thank you,I'm glad you enjoy my blog and i helped you to find a fab website!!i love it, friends and family always know where to look for gud pressies hehexx

  2. don't mention it you guys, I just wanted to spread the love and let people know how great your blogs are x

  3. Hello!! just wanted to say thanks for commenting on my blog ... i have only just found your blog so im now following :D ... nice to see other 'Jocks' on here ;) xx

  4. Thanks for that, it's nice to see other Scots on here coz we know the hassles of living somewhere that doesn't always get the newest collections first...if at all!ha ha. Really enjoyed reading your blog and will be following from now on x


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