Saturday, 6 June 2009

Good hair and skin products

I just wanted to do another quick post before I go out to the cinema about a couple of products I have been using that have really worked well for me. The first is Lancome Hair Sensation Nutrition Intense, which I got for free in a raffle type thing at work for Comic Relief. Love getting free stuff! The product is a smooth and shine treatment and is designed to be applied to towel dried hair. I have been keeping away from my GHD's for the past 3 months in order to get my hair a bit stronger before I go on holiday in the blistering sun. This product really helps to smooth my hair and as you can see from my FOTD post, my hair looks quite straight when I use it when I've just blow dried my hair. I also use Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum to 'finish' my hair, it gives great shine and it smells of apples...yummy!

Next up is a product which I ordered on the net from the USA as it doesn't seem to be available over here (please let me know if you've come across this before?). It's Alba Un-petroleum Multi-Purpose Jelly. Basically Kandee The Makeup Artist mentioned this in a video on YouTube and said it is an amazing MUST HAVE product for people with dry skin. As soon as I heard that, I had to try it out as I often suffer from dry patches on my face. The consistency of the jelly is like vaseline however when you apply it and it sinks in, it's not oily at all. The best way to use it is to put it on after your moisturiser and this seals it onto your face. You wake up in the morning with skin that is so soft and smooth. It's an organic product made from plant oils and natural waxes so won't irritate the skin and also lets it breathe. I apply it every second night and I don't know what I did before this product! I really like to look after my skin, so if this is a real priority for you too, then try this product and let me know how you get on.

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