Tuesday, 9 June 2009

It's so hard to say goodbye...

We have all been there...when you finally find true love, you go through the initial awkward stage where you don't know quite how to handle eachother, over time you slowly start to get used to eachother, become really comfortable and feel safe around them, feel like you share special moments together, you then start to fall even deeper in love and can't imagine your life without them in it....then BANG!!! They're gone!...no warning...no postcard and no goodbye...just gone in the night, never to return. You spend night after night sobbing into your pillow, wondering when you will see them again, picturing how they look in your head, hoping that one day they might return...

Yes, this is how I felt when Lancome discontinued the Colour Dose waterproof eyeshadows (in all shades, the heartless bas....) Gutted! Inconsolable! (well, maybe not inconsolable, but definitely not happy). How was I to know that my holy grail eyeshadow would be snatched away from me so cruelly! I've had to trawl Ebay when I need new ones and now they're becoming few and far between...sob :(

I have yet to find a cream eyeshadow that lives up to my first love. I am yet to try MAC Paint pots as the pain is still a bit raw and I'm scared of being hurt again (not scared enough not to buy a truckload of Paint Pots next time I'm visiting the MAC website though.ha ha)

So I'm interested to find out what you have loved and lost to the dreaded discontinuation? What were your rebound products that maybe didn't quite match up to your true love? What product did you find that somehow made it all ok again (I like to call it 'the one' ha ha)?

I'm hoping that by sharing our pain, we can get through the heartbreak together and come out the other side with a few more things to add to our 'I want/need' lists and a renewed faith that we all one day will find 'The One'! ha ha


  1. Lol girl! But, I can totally relate, I felt exactly like that when I ran out of TBS Tobacco Flower perfume and when I went bk to get another, they told me it was limited edition....:( I loved that perfume...

    Hopefully we can find our HG that will never become discontinued...!!! *fingers crossed* :PPP


  2. I remember I was gutted when Lancome discontinued JT in Chilled! So, so annoyed - lol

    Cool blog, I'm gna follow you. Come have a look @ mine too :-)

  3. I know that evryone must have a HG product that just disappeared...very annoying! Thanks for following me, I will check out your blog and follow :)

  4. Oh I hate when they discontinue stuff! I just found out they are getting rid of MAC Strada blush. It's my favorite blush ever! Im going to have to stock up! Thanks for checking out my blog and pls subscribe. :-)

  5. Better stock up quick and oly use it for special occasions...that's what I've had to do. At least you know it's going to be discontinued though, a prior warning is always good!


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