Friday, 19 June 2009

Loreal Studio Secrets Range

Ok, so why didn't I know about this and how long has it been out for???I don't have a huge amount of Loreal make-up but I've found a few gems among their different ranges (Glam Bronze, Metallic Eyeshadows, Glamshine lipgloss) so I always like to check out what they have on the go! This range is apparently designed to give you a 'photo finish' look so the products are supposed to be long lasting and create a flawless appearance (we like, we like!)

I was perusing the Boots website and came across the Loreal Studio Secrets range (exclusively available online)...a small range but some of the products caught my eye and I just wondered if anyone had tried them out yet?

I have a load of primers but, in my usual makeup obsessive mode, I always buy more in case I miss out on a great product. I currently use Lancome La Pro Base Smoothing Primer (approx £24), which can be quite pricey so I'm wondering if the Loreal one (£11.99) on the left could be a possible dupe...It looks similar to the jar of Laura Gellar Spackle Primer you get, which I tried in the past and didnt like very much. Hopefully this one will be more promising!

The Anti-Dull Skin Primer (£9.99) pictured on the right is also something I want to try in the never ending quest for flawless skin! They also offer an anti-shine or anti-redness formulation as well.

Everyone loves a good lipgloss (especially nude and pink shades in my case!) and I'm intrigued by the Loreal Ultra Glossy Lip Lacquer (£7.99) in Nude 411 and Pink 221 and possibly also Coral 831. I have tons and tons of lipgloss, they spill out of every pocket of every coat and every bag I own is crammed with's ridiculous but I don't need to explain myself to any of you because we all seem to have the same illness!I think I'm among fellow addicts here!ha ha.
The Studio Secrets Lipsticks in the pink and nude shades also look very nice (£8.99)
I may end up just buying the whole range!


  1. I have been after a primer for a while and for £11.99 this one looks good!

    Do you think you will buy?xx

  2. Yeah I think I will get it when I come back from my holiday. I use the Lancome one and YSL one at the moment so I want to find a cheaper alternative! I will probably post a review when I get it if you want to hold out for that (be around 10 days time x

  3. Cool, I'll look out for it!xx

  4. I'm a sucker for lipglosses and like you I have them in every pocket, every purse and coat. LOL. Those look great!

  5. Really want to try the primer ! Love your blog !!

  6. I'm super interested in this range... I haven't seen it in the US though..Perhaps its only available in the UK?


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