Friday, 5 June 2009

New Guerlain Compact and Style Warriors wishlist

This beee-yoootiful compact is part of Guerlain's summer 2009 collection. The white pearl, taupe, beige and aqua colour looks perfect for me and th effect is described as pearly iridescence so they are not highly pigmented. They are supposed to be a wash of colour rather than a bright flash. Perfect when you don't want a heavy look in the summer.
I have been eagerly awaiting the MAC Style Warriors collection coz I've seen tutorials and reviews on all the products. There are a few that I'm going to pick up for myself.
Firstly, I'm very interested in the bronzer in Solar Riche after reading a review on Hele Says. Also, Belle Du Jour had posted pics of her wearing the Pink Rebel Lustre Drops and I lurve any kind of illuminating/brightening products that can be used under foundation or over it as a highlight on the cheekbone/down centre of nose/brow bone.

The third product I would love to get is Solar Bits in Scatterays after seeing a post from Belle Du Jour where she created such a gorgeous look with them. Has anyone else tried these products in particular? What do you like/not like about them? Is it worth me spending my hard earned cash on?


  1. I swatched that palette on Friday ..was kinda disappointed as Troy Jenson swore he used it on Nicole PCD for a look he did on her but teh colours looked nothing like the e/s he used!

    I bought my SW stuff on Friday and have bought Scatterays and Sun Rush.

    Have you got your buys yet?

  2. I get suspicious of that when you notice that the colours look nothing like the celebs in photos. It's usually just that they are being paid to promote certain brands...very misleading! That's why I love these least you get a heads up on what people REALLY use to get their look. I don't have my Style Warriors stuff yet coz I'm saving for my holiday at the end of the month but I will get everything as soon as I get back.

  3. Exactly. The guy had me running out like a damn fool to the Guerlain counter! I did a swatch of the palette on Specktra:

    Where are you off to on holiday?

  4. The compact looked so pretty, that's a shame it doesn't live up to the hype. I'm going to Sicily a week on Saturday with my boyfriend


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