Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Beachy Waves, here I come...

After reading The Yummy Mummy's Beauty Blog and how the Babyliss Conical Wand can create gorgeous beachy waves, I just had to get one...proof alone that I look to these beauty blogs to decide what I am going to buy next! These blogs have alot more influence over my decision than magazines now. I think that really is a step in the right direction...real people with impartial reviews.

I have tried curling my hair with GHD's but I just don't have the skill!ha ha. I've tried loads of times and it just doesn't look right. I wanted to find a tool that would be quick and easy to use.

I loved the pics Holly had posted coz I like the more relaxed curl look - it doesn't look too structured or like you have tried too hard. I can't wait to try this baby out! I will of course post a pic when I have used it. I have a BBQ on saturday at my parents house to celebrate the engagement and I will be getting all done up for that so I will post a pic then.

I bought the wide barrel version coz I want my waves to be loose. As you can see from the pic on the right, there's a heatproof mat that comes with the wand and also special gloves to avoid getting burnt handies! The wand has different heat settings for damaged/coloured hair, thick hair, afro hair etc, which I think is really good as some only come with one burning hot setting that incinerates your hair! Since I highlight my hair, I don't want to damage it through using heated appliances.

I would be interested to know what products everyone uses to style their hair when they are curling it. I want a product that is going to set my style all day without feeling sticky or hard to the touch. Any suggestions?


  1. Love the michael jacksonesque glove! I too love YSL faux cils in black! its my best maccy EVER :)

  2. I really want one of these!x

  3. i swear by my curler!! doesnt stop me burning my fingers everytime!! x

  4. i am obsessed with my wand! love it xx

  5. wow so glad you got one you will love it, its seriously the best thing since foundation was invented!!post some picsxx

  6. Where did u get it from Laura? I've also done a video curling my hair when I had a A-Line bob with GHD's. xx

  7. @ Imo - I must admit, I did do a wee moonwalk across the livingroom with the gloves on!ha ha...needless to say no one was there to witness it!

    @Victoria - I was lusting after this conical wand as soon as I saw it on Holly's blog!

    @lipgloss86 - I'm hoping the gloves will prevent serous finger burning...I don't wanna have to explain that beauty injury at A & E!

    @Becky - I know I am probably going to get a bit obsessed with it too...I must dump my fiance and marry the wand instead!

    @Holly - You were my insipration to get one...love your hair in the pics. Best thing since foundation eh? I'm even MORE excited to use it now!

    @Redz2486 - I got it from www.lookfantastic.com for £28.99, which I think is pretty cheap!

  8. I really want to get ahold of a conical iron! And the one you got is so pretty! Pink is always a good thing:)

  9. I'm just about to order one myself thanks to seeing it on Holly's blog! I currently use GHD's to curl my hair but the curl drops out after a while and it is time consuming and tongs give it tight curls which look really little bo peep on me!
    Can't wait to see your pics and to receive my wand!


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