Thursday, 2 July 2009

Cosmetics + Science - Just a load of rubbish?

I don't know about you but whenever I see beauty adverts on tv and they start going on about peptides and hyluronic acids I kinda think to myself "what a load of rubbish!". It often feels like they're trying to baffle us with terminology and you're left wondering if it actually means anything at all.

On this thought, I just wanted to share with you some products which have a bit of science behind them (as with most things nowadays!) and get your thought on whether you have used them and if they've worked. I'm normally very cynical about these things but after reading and watching Lollipop26's blog and YouTube vids on products like LiLash (eyelash lengthener/thickener) and how it has really worked for got me wondering whether I should put my cynicism aside and put my faith in modern science?

So...first up is A.M. Eye Magic. It's £9.95 and is basically a pack of 'beauty magnets' that you attach to your face for 30 mins and they help to de-stress your eyes and reduce undereye bags. Hmmm, they say that Cleopatra used to sleep with magnets near her head to preserve her youth. Magnets are widely used in Chinese and Western medicine for various things like sports injuries and fatigue so maybe there's something in it! I did a bit of research and magnets are generally made from Magnesium, which is naturally sourced from the earth and because all the electrical equipment used today reduces the earth's overall magnetism, we are apparently all suffering from 'mild shuttle syndrome' which basically means we need to rebalance our bodies guessed it...magnets!

Next up is Star Smile by ModelCo which retails for £28.00. It's a double ended applicator, one end is a brush with a solution that gently whitens your teeth/removes stains and has a minty flavour. The other end has a hydrating lipstick. I did think this was a really good idea but it really depends on how good the whitener is. You are supposed to apply the whitener 4 times daily and claims to show a difference in just 1 week of application. They also claim it's the strongest portable teeth whitener...I wouldn't say there are many of those on the market though!ha ha.
Next is LIPOCILS Eyelash Treatment Gel (£12.50), which I'm hoping is a good dupe of LiLash which costs around $100! I may actually get this one myself as I have blonde, fine lashes that are desperate need of plumping. Mascara is all good and well but I'd like to give them a helping hand. This gel is supposed to help your lashes reach their maximum length, stop them falling out and becoming brittle. It contains all natural ingredients and claims to thicken and lengthen your lashes and this claim has now been authorised to be advertised in France. That suggests that it must work (otherwise people could sue for false advertising) , even if it works just a little bit, it's worth giving it a go.


  1. I use Talika Lipocils. It's okay and I have noticed growth in both my upper and lower lashes. It's not a gel though, just a clear liquid. I'm quite happy with my lash length when I wear mascara now but still use it as and when I remember to.

  2. Cool, thanks for that info! Might give it a go!

  3. Yes, cosmetic companies really love to lay it on thick and sometimes it gets overwhelming trying to find what really works! I'll def check out the eyelash treatment! :)

  4. Just responding to a question you left on my blog about what make up i was wearing in one of the pics on my blog :) I did a blogpost on it which tells you everything i was wearing :D Here you go xxx


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