Friday, 10 July 2009

D & G Make Up - Seduced by an ad campaign

Have you ever been drawn in so much by an ad campaign that you just HAVE to see the products for yourself? The power of advertising! This campaign has been out for a while now by I still love the look and I also love their choice of model, the beautiful Scarlett Johannson. I like her curvy retro glam look. There are few celebrities who can successfully emulate the late great Marilyn Munro but I think Scarlett is one star who has the natural sexiness to pull it off.

As soon as I saw these ads I got excited about seeing what the make up line would be like. THEN I found out it would only be sold in selected stores in the UK (hardly any!). Boo Hoo :(
Because I always want what I can't have, I have perused the range just to torture myself. I love the look of the following. The lipstick in Perfection, which looks like a perfect creamy nude! I think this is the shade Scarlett is wearing in the pic. I also love the look of the lipstick shade Provocative...this could be a hit or a miss colour but I love how it looks.
The lipgloss colours look amazing too, like the Nude lipgloss! Isn't it beautiful? Let's take a moment to admire.....ok, I'm back!
The eyeshadow duos look gorgeous as well and I particularly like Stromboli, which incidentally is the name of a place I visited in Sicily on holiday a couple of weeks back. It's fate! ha ha.
I have heard that they stock these in Brown Thomas in Cork (That's in Ireland for all my international followers) so since I'm going there for a week at the end of the month (visiting my fiance's parents) I will definitely have to go and take a look! They have a Mac department there too so I will undoubtebly be looking at the Colour Craft collection while I'm there too. This could be an expensive holiday...
So, tell me, what ad campaigns have seduced you? Have you tried any of the D & G Make Up range and if so, what do you think of it?


  1. Usually I don't like Scarlett Johannson's looks at all, but she looks amazing here! I love the eye makeup. xx

  2. I really want the D&G bronzer it looks absolutely gorgeous! I love the look of the eyeshadow duo as well..

  3. omg its so funny you posted this. I have this picture saved and I was gonna post something on it, lol. I am in awe of how amazing she looks in this photo. It trully makes me want everything


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