Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Do you wear make-up for yourself or everyone else?

I heard an interesting conversation on TV the other day. It was a debate that started off with the statement that "Feminist journalist, Julie Bindel, has said she's never worn make up in order to get male attention". Basically they were debating whether women wear make-up for themselves or for men. I have had alot of comments made to me over the years due to the fact I wear makeup every day. Alot of people (mainly other women) tend to judge you, assuming that you're vain, superficial or trying to get male attention.

I think it has to be said that the answer will be different for each individual but I can honestly say that as make-up is my hobby, I do it for myself. I like to look attractive as it makes me feel more confident and yes, I'll admit it, it's nice to get compliments. Overall I would say I do it because I enjoy the ritual of applying make-up, to me it's like colouring in when you are a kid, it's fun! It does wonders for your self esteem and that's why I do it, to feel good about myself, so I'm firmly in the "I do it for me" camp.

Make up has been worn by men and women over the centuries for so many different reasons, as a form of art, as war paint or tribal markings or sometimes as an expression of power.

The idea that women wear make-up to attract men can be argued, but then you could say the same about wearing dresses, or men buying nice cars and spending hours cleaning/waxing them. Everything could be put down to an attempt to attract the opposite sex. I guess there are some people out there who crave the attention but I think 95% of women wear makeup coz it makes them feel glamourous and just plain good about themselves. It's also a way of expressing your personality and who you are. Make-up is an expression of femininity and if you are proud of being a women, what's wrong with expressing that through make-up?

I think it would be a bigger betrayal to women (and yourself) to deny yourself the simple basic human right to express yourself. We all have choices and whether you want to wear make-up or not, it should be your decision and I don't think it's fair to critisise anyone for making a personal choice.

What's your opinion on this debate?


  1. Hmmm I wear it for myself - cos it makes me feel more confident.

    Obviously I like to look nice for my man too, but please, he's seen all my faces so what the hell! When I do glam up, he notices though and will compliment my MU which is nice, but I'm comfortable walking about barefaced for 5 days in his presence too.

  2. Hmmm, that's a tough one...
    I 've always thought that women mostly tend to put makeup on for themselves or for other women...

    However, I think most of us feel the prettiest with makeup on, so, as you said, it probably helps with confidence and subsequently in attracting the opposite sex...
    But men most likely don't care about makeup anyways... :PPP


  3. @Vex - It took me ages to be comfortable with my fiance seeing me without makeup but I've finally got used to it. He thinks I look better without makeup (a blatant lie! But sweet all the same)

    @ tina_mbc - I think you're right about women wearing makeup for other women. It's probably coz we know they're the only ones who actually notice...men often don't have a clue

  4. I can't stand it when people suggest women wear makeup for men...and my dad is one of those people. I don't give a second thought to what a man might think of my makeup , even when I was single I didn't apply my makeup thinking it would attract men. If anything it's for other women who understand the skill behind it and the different techniques! But personally I LOVE applying makeup. I like to sit down, take my time and savour it (although not every day because there wouldn't be time for it!) xxx

  5. That's a good question... When I first met my fiance I was homeless and didn't own any makeup... {I guess that sums up the answer to the question. :D}

  6. Oh this made me think of another question about makeup. I will post it on my blog and link it back to you since you started it. ;D

  7. I have a bf who says I don't need to wear make-up to look pretty, but I still wear it everyday, so I guess I do it for myself.

    It gives me more confidence knowing my flaws aren't on show and it makes me feel better about myself in general. xx

  8. This is a very interesting topic! What I do with makeup is mainly for me. Similar to what Victoria says, my husband says I don't need to wear it but I do anyway. It makes me feel good and I also see it as a creative outlet for myself :-)

  9. Nicely put!!!
    I totally agree, i would also class myself in the 'I do it for me' camp too!

  10. I wear make-up because it makes me feel more confident about myself. Of course when I was single, I was more likely to attract men when I was feeling good about myself, so I can see why some people think the way they do.

    Most of my friends are guys, and most of them don't even notice make-up unless a girl is wearing too much. My fiance, like yours, thinks I look better without it, but he does usually compliment me when I really done myself up because he knows that I put a lot of effort into how I look.

  11. I wear makeup because I'm obsessed with it! I love trying different combos of lip, cheek, and eye colors...it makes me so happy lol I def. wear found. for myself though...I just feel much more confident with it on, although I TRY to go barefaced if I'm tan.

  12. Such an interesting topic!:)

    I have to say I wear makeup for several reasons: its my creative outlet, it boosts my confidence, I think I look better with it AND I do like to look pretty for other men and women...so its a combination of everything! But really if I didn't get the personal satisfaction of using it and feeling better about myself I prob wouldn't bother...so I have to say bc its something I enjoy so much I mostly do it for myself! :)

  13. Amen to that sister, totally agree with you 100%!
    For me it's definatly a confidence booster!My favourite time of the day is doing my make-up in the morning. Make-up just makes me feel amazing and refreshed throughout the day.

    Love you're blog! Thanks for visiting mine
    Keep on blogging


  14. I totally agree with you.. i definately wear it for myself. It's a hobby and a interest of mine and more than anything i wear it because i enjoy the application process every morning! :)



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