Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Fragrance Direct Sale!

I just thought I would let you all know that are having a summer sale at the moment and alot of the products are half price! Since it's summer and the sun is shining (in most places) I thought one of the best deals was Roc Minesol Sun Protection Cream SPF 50+ for the face. It's only £3.95 for 15ml down from £14.95. I've used this face sunscreen before and it's great for preventing sunburn and because of the high SPF, you don't have to worry that you're damaging the delicate skin on your face. It's great to pop in your case when you go on holiday too.

The next good deal I spotted was Loreal NutriSummer gradual tanner for the face. It's only £2.50 for 50ml, down from £7.99 (why do they always make it more expensive when it's specifically for the face???). Anyways, I used to use this before I used the Dove gradual tanner. Although I am currently using the Dove one and love it, I still really like this product and found that it gave me a really natural golden glow and also smoothed out my skin at the same time. The smell is actually ok with this tanner as well. At that bargainous price, who could say no???
The next bargain I spotted for all you St Tropez devotees out there was the Tanning Essentials Gift Set originally priced at £51.00 and now reduced to £23.50! It contains 240ml Body Polish, 240ml Body Moisturiser and 150ml Bronzing Mist with a foam applicator.
I normally prefer the St Tropez Mousse but I have used the mist before. I found that it's easier to spray the mist directly into your hand to apply it otherwise you end up with tanning mist all over the bathroom floor and ultimately, you end up with the soles of your feet going orange! I'm speaking from personal experience!ha ha
For all my US/Canadian/Australian followers, they do deliver outside of Europe but I would say that once they have added those charges, it isn't really worth it. It's £3.99 for the first item and then £3.49 for each additional item!


  1. i placed an order after spying this at are such a bad influence!!! lol x

  2. Mwahahaha - I'm evil, I know. he he. I have spend a fortune since becoming a blogger on here...whenever I read blogs, I spend money! It's so fun though, I can't stop!


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