Monday, 6 July 2009

Honest Scrap Tag

LipstickRules123 tagged me yesterday for this so here's what it entails:

Tell your readers 10 things about you that they may or may not know, but are true. Tag ten people with the award, and be sure to let them know they've been tagged (a quick comment on their blog will do). Don't forget to link back to the blogger who tagged you.

Ok here goes:

1) I still don't have my driving licence yet! I started lessons when I was 17 and at school but I ended up going to university and couldn't afford the lessons anymore (probably coz I spent every last penny I had on going out and makeup!). Because I live in the city, I really don't have much need for a car. However, I have promised myself that I have to pass my test asap!

2) I have a Bachelor's degree with honours in Computer Art and Japanese...basically the course was to do with virtual reality, 3D Graphics, designing characters, backgrounds, sound etc for computer games and I even made my own game at uni for my course!

3) I am a keen artist - I used to paint and draw all the time and I love doing it, it's my escape. I did alot of life drawing at uni. I don't get much time to do it what with work and social life but I try to dip into it now and again.

4) I work in Financial Services (Investments, Pensions etc) which is a world away from makeup and the like but I guess it's important in my job to always look least that's what I tell myself every time I'm at beauty counters!

5) I worked in a sports shop the summer after I left uni and I wore tracksuit bottoms EVERY day to work...the shame!

6) I'm a my work, with my hair/makeup...sometimes it gets a little OCD though!

7) My dream job would be to work as a beauty journalist for a magazine, getting to test out all the newest products.

8) I love mafia films - Scarface, The Godfather trilogy, Goodfellas, chick flicks for this girly...I'm into thrillers and action films!

9) At the age of 14 I was a huge Backstreet Boys fan and plastered my bedroom in posters (Nick was my favourite!). Needless to say, I'm over that now!

10) I met my fiance in a nightclub (and not a very classy one at that) so if any one tells you you'll never meet "the one" in a club, they're wrong! He was such a gentleman right from the start.

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  1. thanks for the tag! i'll try to come up with ten things! x

  2. Wow, I'd love to learn Japanese.

  3. Your life sounds so interesting! What a great thing to do at uni - how come you didn't get into something in that field?xx

  4. My life probably sounds alot more interesting than it actually is!ha ha. I like reading about other people's lives on here too. I tried to get into the computer games industry when I left uni but it's so competitive and everything is based in London. I couldn't afford to move there and live on my own so I had to look at other avenues. The way I see it, it was a blessing in siguise coz now I can keep my hobby as something I do to relax and enjoy rather than a job where there's deadlines and stress

  5. Omg...I used to obsessed with Nick Carter lol! My friend was in love with Justin Timberlake and I remember I used to make fun of his curly hair and thick eyebrows to piss her off haha. That's crazy you don't have your driver's license...I remember when I went to go get mine at 16 I almost fainted out of nervousness! I'm a huge fan of foreign language..are you studying Japanese language or art/culture?

  6. Yeah I remember the Nick days well...sigh...ha ha.I rememeber liking JT despite his frizzy mop of hair, I always said he was hot and damn was I right!I studied Japanese language and culture at uni but haven't done any since. It's a really interesting culture - I love the way they paint too. I did a pencil drawing of a tiger in that style when I was 17 and it's still my favourite picture I have has pride of place in our hallway!

  7. thank you got tagging me!! im writing my 10 now!! x


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