Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Ins and Outs

I had a few little things to list in my first 'Ins & Outs' so here goes...


1) Reaching 100 followers - I was so so so excited to see that I now have 100 people following me. I never thought when I started this blog that so many people would be reading the stuff I was rambling on about. I just want to say a huge thank you to everyone who follows me and I really do appreciate every one of you. I hope you all have a go at my Miss World contest!

2) Mac Select Cover Up Concealer in NC20 - I have been using this since I got it the other day and I love it so far. It gives good coverage under my eyes without being too heavy and you only need a tiny bit. I'm applying it with my usual concealer brush and it's working a treat! It also covers any redness or spots and lasts all day.

3) Mac MSF in Natural (Medium) - I got this in the same haul as the concealer and I have to say that this is the best powder I have ever used. I had read Vex In The City's blog (Yinka) and she had said it gives you a matte but glowy complexion...I couldn't work out how a product could do that does! I love it. I just set my makeup with it and use a kabuki brush to buff it in. It just gives such a lovely finish, no powdery look or cakey skin. I need a back up now!

4) Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 Wash/Mask - I had read so much about this product but had never really looked into it. I was in Boots at the weekend and decided to get some and I'm so glad I did. My skin on my face got a bit blocked up on holiday with sunscreen and I got a few spots so this was the perfect experiment to see if this wash worked the wonders that people claimed it did. I have used it every morning and night this week and my skin is now back to it's former spots!yah! I will definitely repurchase this stuff as it's brilliant if you get a breakout.

5) Weight Loss - I have been going to the gym 5 times a week since the start of February and I have now lost a total of 25lbs, which I'm quite proud of. I'm not on any sort of diet, I just watch what I eat. I'm pretty much averaging a loss of 1-2lbs per week now. I still have little treats so there's no depriving myself of anything. I'm feeling more confident each week and I'm going to keep going until I am super fit. I'm not focused on being any particular clothes size or even a particular weight as I measure my muscle and fat percentages, I just want to be toned and healthy. At least if I do it slowly and sensibly, I won't have to go on some mad diet before the wedding!


1) Weather - Where has the sunshine and hot weather gone??? I am very disappointed that the sun decided to take his hat off :( I have a BBQ this Saturday and I was hoping for blazing sunshine. I will be wearing that Coral Monsoon dress I posted recently so hopefully the weather will improve!

2) Hairtype - I hate the fact that I have fine hair. Whenever I see girls with luscious thick wavy manes of hair, I get so jealous. I was born with dark blonde, fine hair and there's only so much volume I can get into it before it drops again. I am now on a mission to find a product which will thicken my tresses and also hold my style when I curl it with my new Babylis Conical wand (this could possibly become my best friend coz my hair looks twice as thick when it's wavy/curly). If you have any recommendations for good styling products that provide great volume, let me know!I will be using the 24 hour body mousse I got from Tresemme in the meantime as I was quite impressed with it.


  1. 25lbs is amazing!! Well done!

    As for hair products, I really like S Factor volumising spray. And a firm FIRM hold hairspray! :) x

  2. 25lbs is amazing. I'm currently failing to get off my ass and lose my excess lbs. It's true when they say you have to be in the right frame of mind. I admire your 5 days a week. I dont know how you cope...results really do make a difference. Again Well done my fellow Jock!

    I loved the TRESemme Mousse best out of all 3.

    P.s we'll have to have a Scottish Blogger meet! Would be cool to eat haggis, drink whisky and highland dance with the jocks!

  3. @Victoria - Thanks, sometimes I don't feel like going to the gym but I force myself!ha ha.I'll look into that S Factor spray now!

    @Marie - Thanks for the nice comment. I am so up for a scottish bloggers meet!We should organise that! Round up the scottish bloggers on here!

  4. wow well done on loosing the weight!!you must be so motivated!xx

  5. I think when you start to see results, that motivates you in itself. It's weird coz I didn't think I had lost that much but when I added it up and also when I saw photos of myself from last year, I can see the difference! I was never huge but I was carrying extra 'love pounds' (getting too comfortable with my boyfriend!)

  6. Holy crap girl! Congratulations on that weight loss! I love your hair, I think the color is gorgeous and it looks so soft and shiny!

  7. Aww thanks, that's sweet of you. You pretty much have my HG hair! (and I'm not just saying that coz you said you like mine). As for the weight loss, it's ongoing, but I'm at a stage now where I like the way my body looks so that's good and I feel alot fitter

  8. 25lbs is awesome. Motivates me to get back into the gym.

  9. That is so amazing well done! I am on the Cook Yourself Thin diet, it's quite good as you prepare all the food yourself and it doesn't really restrict you. I think once you get into the swing of exercising it's fine and you feel great about yourself!

  10. I love the blog! Thanks for making a comment on mine! :)

  11. Congratulations on the 100! You deserve it - you have such a great blog!

  12. Thanks for the lovely comments...I love this online community we have...everyone is so nice!

  13. I have fine hair as well so I know exactly what you are talking about!! Someone give us the secret to thick tresses! :)

    Also, congrats on the weightloss! I've been able to lose some weight before and its a great I just need to do it again;)

  14. Congratulations adn well done on your weight loss and gaining 100 followers! :) x


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