Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Leg De-fuzzing

This is a subject that us girls like to keep under wraps from the outside world. We would prefer that guys thought we were born with no body hair and our effortlessly smooth legs required no work whatsoever.

Unfortunately the reality is that us girls have a constant battle trying to make sure our legs are skirt ready at all times! The reason I'm writing this post is because I have been pondering the options and I want to get a quick poll on how you deal with this problem...do you use a razor? Waxing? An Epilator? Hair Removal Cream?

I want to look into all areas of this because for years now, I have just shaved my legs but no matter what razor I use, I always end up either cutting my knees/ankles up or I get a bumpy rash on the inside of my calf after shaving my legs. This is really annoying...sometimes shaving works fine but on other days it can go seriously wrong, I end up with blood running down my knees, looking like an extra from a teen slasher movie! (ok, maybe not that bad).

I remember buying hair removal cream when I was about 16 and trying to use it on my legs...I can honestly say that it didn't remove all of the hair from my legs AND it wreaked to high heaven...like burnt hair...urgh! That put me off the stuff for a long time but I'm assuming there must have been some progress made with these products in the last 10 years (god, has it been THAT long since I was 16???...). I've seen creams advertised that exfoliate AND remove hair so I would be interested to know if this works? Does anyone use these kind of products? If so, which ones are your favourite?

I have some friends who use Epilators but I gotta say that it sounds too painful for my liking. Apparently the more you do it, the less it hurts and I do like the idea that it lasts alot longer than shaving. I hate having to shave my legs every three days, it's just a pain in the neck really and I don't think it's very good for my skin. I really don't like the idea of waxing simply because a) it hurts...alot! and b) you have to grow your hair long enough to be waxed...that just ain't gonna happen people. I am meticulous about these things and it would drive me mad.

I dream of permanent laser hair removal and then I would never have to worry about it again...but since I'm not loaded and can't afford the very hefty price of those treatments, I will just have to once again, look to my beauty blogger lovelies to offer some ideas :)


  1. I use an epilator and do my legs about once every 2-3 weeks. It is painful to start with but you do get used to it, and because it lasts for so long I can put up with the pain :)

  2. i was going to blog about shaving vs epilator but i chickened out lol.x

  3. i shave , although i do want to start waxing, to reduce ingrown hairs, i heard epilators are incredibly sore :S im way to much of a wuss lol

    And i didnt like hair removal cream as it took way to long to remove all the hair like you said and becuase id use like the whole tube on one leg - cause my legs are long :S lol

    nice blog :)

  4. @lipgloss86 - ha ha, I never shy away from these kind of glamourous subjects!

  5. I've tried waxing myself once.. it didn't hurt that much, but it also din't remove all of the hair, so never did that again. I tried the removal foam stuff... NEVER did that again! yuk! I've just been shaving ever since..
    I would really like to try an epilator! No scratchy stubbles! I just dont know which one to get..

  6. I've used an epilator and didn't like it. I got really bad ingrowing hairs and my legs were never completely smooth. It's worth a try as it obviously works for some people but it really didn't for me. I'm back to shaving.

  7. i tend to just shave but like you I usually cut myself atleast once and I have eczema so I usually also end up with a rash, I also use hair removal creams like veet if I have somewhere to go like on holiday just to make it last that bit longer but sometimes they give me rashes aswell.
    I have tried to wax but can never pull the strip off so I chicken out and peel it off slowly and I have an epilator but again I cant bring myself to use it

  8. I'm also a shaver, and I'm sick of it! It feels like the stubble comes back on my legs in a matter of hours. I've been hearing excellent reviews on the Emjoi Epilator (72- tweezer heads). It's a bit costly running approx $95 USD (walmart.com), but I'm going to give it a try soon. Check out my blog for a review on it when I do :) P.S. Thx for visiting my site Liparazzi, you have a nice one too. I subscribed :)

  9. waxing, Ive been doing it for five years and can go almost two months in between appointments. Yes, it can be costly, but while I am at school I touch up on my own using a gigi honee kit I bought from the beauty store. My hair has grown back more blonde and less thick over the years, hopefully in a few more itll barely grow back like my aunts...I recently started Lazer Hair Removal on my chin to remove a few nasty stray dark hairs that grow there, its been working wonderfully- and the costs of treatments has greatly declined since the first time I looked at it...

    Thanks for visiting my site, im following yours now- its wonderful!


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