Saturday, 25 July 2009

Louise Galvin Natural Locks

I have been sent some products from Louise Galvin that fit nicely into my healthy hair regime I have been keeping to. They have been so amazingly generous with full size samples and have sent me the following:
1) Nourishing Shampoo
2) Nourishing Conditioner
3) Deep Conditioning Treatment
4) Vitox Highlight Brightener
The Vitox Highlight Brightener is a plastic tub that contains 3 vials of Vitox solution and 3 small jars of Vitox powder. The Vitox is a gentle Vitamin C formulation that tones and brightens highlights. You basically only mix one vial and one powder together in the tub at a time to create a foam (otherwise the natural vitamin C will not remain effective), you then apply it to towel dried hair and leave it for 3 minutes.
All of the products are environmentally friendly coz they no SLS, PEGS, Parabens, Silicone, Petrochemicals, Polymers or sysnthetic fragrance. I don't know what half those things are but they're probably not good for your hair! They also aren't tested on animals.
I'm always getting stuck between those products that have loads of chemicals but give a great result (usually contain silicons for shine) and then the natural ones that may not give as much shine, but they're better for your hair and better for the environment. These products have been created for coloured hair and claim not to weigh the hair down.
I used the shampoo and conditioner this morning and you can see a picture of what my hair looks like in my previous post. Firstly, I love the packaging, it's really simple and stylish. I found that the shampoo had a pleasant fragrance and lathered well. It's one of those shampoos that feels like it's really cleansing your hair of any product build up coz my hair felt squeaky clean after using it. The conditioner is very light, which I like for my hair coz it's fine and gets weighed down easily. My hair is shiny, lightweight and smooth after just blowdrying it straight.
I am really looking forward to using the Highlight Brightener and Deep Conditioning Treatment in the weeks to come and will post a review of them shortly.


  1. i like the packaging, very simple and stylish. sounds like a good range! i want to try it! xx

  2. I've entered the Miss World Contest!! x x


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