Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Lumiere Skin & Beauty Bar

I have been lucky enough to be sent a package from the very lovely and helpful Sarah at Lumiere Skin & Beauty Bar www.lumierecosmetics.com, who specialise in Mineral make-up. I never expected to get so many samples, I think they have been very generous! The photo below is of the Foundation, Finishing Powders , Blushes and Bronzer in the small containers. As you can see they also sent me a Kabuki brush and 3 mini lipglosses. As soon as I touched the Kabuki Brush, I fell in love with how soft it is! I kept running it over my hand.ha ha. It's probably the softest Kabuki I have ever had. I can't wait to use it tomorrow!
I have swatched the liglosses below and as you can see they are lovely neutral colours - just how I like my lip products to be. I will try them out properly tomorrow so I can report back on their longevity and texture on the lips.

They also sent me 6 Eye pigments and these are the items that I am most impressed by (sorry about the small text on the pic, just ask if you can't see the name of a shade). The colours I got are really pigmented and very finely milled. I applied them to my hand with a damp brush and as you can see, the colours are so lovely. Peacock, an amazing multi faceted turquoise blue or Hypnotic, a deep metallic bronze, are my favourite shades...beautiful!

I will be reviewing these items in more detail over the next couple of weeks when I get a free minute to play with them a bit. I just wanted to share with you all what I was sent. Have you tired any products from Lumiere? What did you think of them?


  1. Great review!:) my sister has a brush like your kabuki brush & its soooo soft too! ..im new on this and id love if you could look at my posts and if you like what you see please follow me :D

  2. i love the eye colors for sure!!

    how do you get all of these companies to send you fabulous samples???

  3. Hi hun *waves* They look lovely, that kabuki looks divine! Great blog :)

  4. Pretty!! :) I'd also like to know how you get all these lovely samples and freebies to review? x

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog, maybe you can help share some secrets. Ha.

    I've never really used a kabuki brush before and am really tempted to get one.. but is it just used for face powder?

  6. thank you for the warm comment on my blog. =] your swatches look great and fab. have a good one

  7. @AmandaMOO - I use my Kabukis for powder and bronzer but some people also use them to buff in foundation. It's really just up to personal preference x

  8. Since I get alot of questions about how I get samples sent to me...sometimes I am contacted by PR companies and asked to test products, other times it's because I've contacted a brand I like to request samples to try. Some brands won't send anything but others can be really generous. Hope this helps x

  9. Love the color scheme.
    I like the Turquoise and Bronze shadows too! :)

  10. Love the brush! I second the question about getting the free samples! Thanks for the comment on my blog by the way! We can follow eachothers!!


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