Monday, 6 July 2009

MAC Haul

As mentioned in an earlier post I ordered some MAC products last week. I just got them today at work and I was so excited to swatch them and play around, I put the package under my desk but kept peeking at it all the time. I got the following items: Sun Rush Lustre Drops, Medium Natural Mineralize SkinFinish, Paint Pot in Rubenesque, Solar Bits in Scatterays and Impassioned, Lipstick in Hue, Select Cover Up Concealer in NC20 and Omega eyeshadow.
As soon as I saw Omega, I could tell it was the perfect cool brown for me...can't wait to use it! The Solar Bits look amazing and the pigmentation is fab. As people have commented before, they seem very messy but I can deal with that.
Hue is the perfect nude shade for me, it's so soft and flattering. The surprise was the paint pot. It is a different colour from what I thought but luckily, I love it! MAC need to sort out the colour swatches on their website so they better reflect the shade. Otherwise you can get something completely different from what you expect. Even with the colour descriptions, it isn't always clear what it will look like. It would help for people like me who don't have easy access to a MAC counter where swatches can be made!
Rubenesque is a gorgeous metallic peach shade with pink and gold through it. I am so excited to use it tomorrow. It's got a lovely sheen to it! I have posted a swatch below and also what it looks like on the skin. Expect some FOTD's coming up using these products!


  1. I love everything you got...Hue is my HG nude, love it!

  2. tell us how Hue is, im really tempted to get it! x

  3. Thanks girls!

    @Holly - I will use Hue in my next FOTD so you can see what it's like on

  4. Oh, what a great haul!! I've never used the Natural MSF''ll have to let me know what they are like! I really need to go and have a complete makeover at MAC so I can use some things I haven't before!:)

  5. Nice haulage. I never take any notice of the MAC swatches. I goggle for 'real life' swatches instead.

    MSF Natural is fab. I have 2 back ups - lol

  6. Also,
    I tagged you in the Honest Scrap Tag :) x

  7. I used the MSF Natural today and it's brilliant!It creates a matte base but kinda sheeny as well...hard to explain. Basically it takes away shine without looking powdery. I love Hue as well, it's the type of lippie you can apply with no mirror and you know it will still look great!

  8. MSF natural is THE best pressed powder! x


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