Monday, 20 July 2009

More Mac!

No, your eyes aren't deceiving's more Mac!

I said I wouldn't get any more for a while and I gave in. But I can explain! I needed (ok, wanted) a nice matte beige eyeshadow base and I know that Mac Paint Pot in Painterly (above right) is probably one of the best ones. Then I saw Mac Paint Pot in Bare Study (above left) which is a champagne shimmer and I wanted that for a more glowy eye.
I also picked up a Mac classic that I didn't have...Creme De Nude. As I suspected, it's a perfect shade for's probably the perfect shade for everyone. I thought I would love it and I was right. It will now sit proudly with the other 50 nude lipsticks I have but they're all slightly different...honest.ha ha.
Then...I remembered that another beauty blogger, Shangri-La, had commented on one of my posts a while back that the Mac Liquilast in Aqualine looked amazing...and boy was she right! It's the most gorgeous bright turquoise and I plan to use it as a nice slim line of colour on a neutral eye (possibly using Painterly or Bare Study...see!I told you I would use them!). I have been inspired by Kelly a.k.a. Kelanjo19 and her bright eyeliner looks using the GOSH liquid liners (which I am also coveting!). I want to find a deep metallic navy liquid liner so if anyone knows of one, gimme a shout! I wasn't sure about bright liner until I saw some of her posts and that proved how great it can look when you keep the rest of the face glowy and neutral. Check out the colour below! Beautiful!


  1. Wow - I want that liner now!!
    And Creme De Nude for that matter.
    Painterly is my everyday base - love it! You should check out Rubenesque too - gives a lovely peachy glow to the eyes.

  2. MAC do a liquidlast liner which is deep metallic navy, i think it's called Inky.x

  3. wow that colours amazing!
    you should check out rubenesque paintpot its just amazing i use it everyday and it goes with every colour , could you do a swatch of creme de nude as im unsure whether to buy it !


    Great Post


  4. @Michelle - I have Rubenesque actually, it was the first paint pot I bought and I love it. I had to get CDN as everyone raves about it.

    @Hele - I saw Mac did a navy liner on the website but it's so hard to see how metallic it is from the swatch and description but I may have to check that out when I'm in Ireland next week ...we don't have a Mac counter in Aberdeen :( how pants is that!?

    @Happy1234 - apparently GOSH do amazing ones as well and at a cheaper price too..I want the purple!

    @SimplyNatural77 - Rubenesque is indeed gorgeous and I love it for creating a peachy bronze eye. I will do a swatch of Creme De Nude tomorrow for you so come back and have a look then :) xx

  5. LOVE aqualine! classic cream was also a great liner but it's being discontinued :(

  6. You picked up some fab items! have fun with them!!

  7. Awesome haul! I went to the MAC counter today, but I was good and said 'no' I don't need anything...but of course I'm regretting that now. lol p.s. that liquid liner=amazing.

  8. Thank you so much for your kind words about my grandmother!
    It means so much to me to have so many sweet and caring bloggers :)

    I love your blog. I am following now, and look forward to reading more!

  9. @KiLLaCaM - I hate it when things I love are discontinued!

    @Sara - I'm so excited to try out the liner!

    @Aleksis - That was very restrained of you!I don't have that will power.ha ha.

    @Jessica - Don't mention it, I know how it feels so just wanted to leave a msg. Glad you like my blog :)

  10. Yay you got the liner in Aqualine, I am so happy, it's the most gorgeous summer colour for eyes! x


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