Friday, 10 July 2009

Prizes for Miss World contest

Hi everyone, me again!

I forgot to tell you all that I will be listing prizes for the Miss World contest as I get them over the next month so you can keep your eyes peeled for what will be up for grabs. I am excited to tell you that since Sleek sent me an extra Safari palette and Wonderlast lipgloss, I will be putting these into the prizepot!

The prizes will be a mix of high end and drugstore/pharmacy products and I'm going to try and make sure I have hair, make up and skincare products in there so there's a good choice. I can assure you now that it will be a bumper prize for whoever wins.

I haven't had any entries as yet but I'm hoping people will start entering soon. The deadline is the 31 July so there's still loads of time. It's open to everyone, regardless of where you live so come on girls, get glammed up, Miss World style and enter!


  1. If my skin stops being retarded I am going to enter :) xx

  2. I'll be doing an entry for sure! x

  3. Me too. I will get glamed up just for you contest and for myslef ofourse over this weekend or next week:) xx

  4. I have to get myself organized and enter!

  5. Michelle - I knew this prize would force you to enter.ha ha


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