Monday, 13 July 2009

Products I'm loving this week...

I got these two brushes after buying some Kent eyeshadow brushes from I have been really impressed with the quality of the brushes from Kent and how reasonably priced they are (these were £7.50 for the concealer brush and £14.00 for the blusher brush).

Neither of them have shed at all, which is a pet hate of mine. The concealer brush is quite firm which I like and it's tapered so you can really blend the concealer into your skin for a seamless application.

The blusher brush is super soft and is a dream to use, it blends bronzer and blusher so well and gives a really even finish. I really recommend you try these before shelling out double the amount for Mac brushes.

I have always found that Aloe Vera is a really brilliant ingredient in skincare products to soothe and hydrate your skin. Because I have Psoriasis, it's really important that I moisturise with products that are really hydrating, long lasting and don't irritate. I got this Forever Aloe Propolis Creme from for £12.68. I have been using it at nightime to give my skin a boost of moisture. It has smoothed my skin and made it feel so soft, the texture of my skin is also looking great at the moment. It has all natural ingredients including Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Bee Propolis (a substance from tree buds which acts as an anti-oxidant). I like products that contain natural ingredients coz I don't like piling chemicals onto my skin at night as that's when it repairs itself.

The other product I have found very useful this week is Keratase Reflection Chroma Riche Hair Mask. This mask is amazing for coloured hair, it restores the colour and leaves my hair so soft and shiny. I will be using this once a week with my Aveda Damage Remedy Intensive Treatment to try and get my hair in tip top condition.

So what have you been loving this week?


  1. I agree about the Aloe Propolis. I have been using it for the past 8 months or so for my eczema and it does a good job.

  2. I am using the Kerastase Chroma Riche right now! I use to have red hair so it was great:) But I still use it now and makes it really soft and manageable.


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