Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Project Healthy Hair and Elf Liquid Liners

Hi everyone, just thought I'd give you an update on my quest for healthy hair! (I got a bit paranoid that it got frazzled in the 35oC heat in Sicily). I have been using Kerastase Chroma Riche Hair Mask for the past 3 weeks and it has really made a big difference to my hair. I have posted a pic of what my hair looks like after I just blowdry it with a round brush (no styling product at all was applied beforehand). The Kerastase mask has really improved the softness and shine of my hair and I don't even have to straighten it, it just sits nicely on it's gotta love that! I just apply the mask twice a week, comb it through my hair and leave it on for about 10 mins. I would highly recommend this product as even though it's relatively expensive, it lasts ages as you only need a very small amount with each application. It's doing a brilliant job of preserving my colour and I will definitely keep using it on a weekly basis.

I have been buying up alot of liquid liners recently and decided to try out a couple of the Elf waterproof ones to see how they fair. I bought Ash, a matte grey and Coffee, a matte brown. I wanted to find colours for days when black liner seems too harsh.

On inspection, they have a very strange smell to them that I'm not sure I like. At £1.50 each, I will persevere though and do a review tomorrow! I really want them to be good. Have you guys tried either of these shades yet? I had a couple of requests about what the Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer in Sin looked like that I got in my swap with Michelle a.k.a. Lipstick Rules, so I have posted a pic wearing only that all over the lid to give you an idea of the colour.

I also had a request to post a swatch of Mac Creme De Nude lipstick so please find a pic of that below.


  1. Wow your hair looks so pretty! When I get the money I REALLY want to invest in some Kerastase products... I am actually about to do a hair post today! :)

  2. hair is something that I've been slacking on lately. I wake up so early, it often goes untamed and unruly. LOL. you have inspired me to make a change for the better and take care of it!

  3. sin looks nice on its own!! may have to get myself one! x

  4. Kerastase is by far the best haircare range I have ever used. No other shampoo or product has ever made my hair look and feel so nice.

    If you are trying to repair any damage done by the sun or heat I really recommend you give these a go if you haven't already...

    It's Resistance Forcintense and took my hair back from the brink of no return!


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