Sunday, 12 July 2009

Review of Babylis Conical Wand

Hey girlies, hope you had a good weekend. The engagement party yesterday went so well and I had a lovely day. I took a couple of quick pics before I left (sorry about the quality, I didn't have time to take more!).

You can see how the conical wand gave me really lovely relaxed soft curls (I only curled each section for 10 seconds and on a low to medium heat setting). I love this conical wand! It's so quick and easy to use and the ingenious little black gloves that come with it stop you from burning your fingers too.

I just washed my hair, then applied some mousse, blowdried it quickly and then sectioned off my hair and curled one inch sections with the conical wand. I then put some serum on for shine and to smooth down any fluffy bits.

I was so happy with the results and I can see this being something I will use all the time from now on. I think it's great value for money as £28.99 is very reasonable for something that's so easy to use and gives such a lovely finish. I highly recommend this!

I have also posted a pic of what I wore to the BBQ party that day, it's the Monsoon Fusion dress that I posted a haul on a while back. I just wore it with some beige linen wedges for a nice summery feel. I love this dress, it fits like a glove and the white beading detail is gorgeous.


  1. lovely, i must get a conical wand, so pretty!! also if you love that dress theres one just like it now in Newlook for £10! so look out for it, its so pretty!!! & may come in other colours!!

  2. so pretty! no wonder the boy snapped you up!! hope you had a lovely day xxx

  3. you look gorgeous! ill have to look for one of those wands!

  4. thanks for the lovely comments everyone x

  5. Gorgeous! I need a conical wand..! x


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