Thursday, 9 July 2009

Sleek Swatches

A better look at the lovely palettes I received from Sleek. I have to say that at first look I definitely prefer the Safari palette as the shades look more flattering for me. I am totally intrigued by the metallic blue and silver shades in the Acid palette though...
I swatched both palettes below and my first impression was that the metallic shades were ALOT more pigmented than the matte ones. Luckily the metallic ones were my favourite so I'm glad they turned out to be the really impressive ones.
So that's the Acid palette swatched on the right. As you can see the purple shades are very pigmented and gorgeous...I may have to soften them a bit to get them to suit me. The white shade hardly show up at all which I was surprised at. The neon shades weren't as pigmented as I thought they would be. But by far my favourite shades are the two metallic blues, silver and black at the end...lush, highly pigmented, sheeny (not glittery) and very 'creamy' to apply. Love them! I would have bought this palette just for them alone.
Man oh man, check out those with the Acid palette, the matte eyeshadows in the Safari palette on the left don't have the same pigmentation as the metallic shades. The black would be great to add soft definition, it's like a 'creamier' version of Mac Carbon. I was surprised at house wearable and lovely the two green shades at the top were...especially the one next to the bronze. A really unique colour that I haven't seen before, it's like a mossy silvery green. The taupey colour at the left on the bottom row didn't show up as much as I thought but what makes up for it is the metallic silver/gold shade next to it...beautiful! The bronze and gold shades on the right hand side are what makes this palette a must have. Once again the shades are so dense and pigmented...I can't stress this enough people! The pale gold on the bottom row is just a perfect shade that I have been looking for for ages. It will make an amazing highlighter for the brow bone and inner corner of the eye...bring on the bronzed look! One of my favourite looks as you know.

So all in all, my overall impression is...matte shadows? disappointing and a bit blah...metallic shades? Love, love, love. If I had to choose a palette it would be the Safari one as it's very versatile and there's alot of choice in combinations that would be approriate for day or night.

The Wonderlast lipgloss I got was a bit dark for me, it was sent to me in a dark Berry shade which isn't great with my complexion but maybe I can pale it down with Gosh Darling or something. They do a nude shade and a pale pink which I would be interested to try.

The colour gloss on one side dries pretty quickly and this is what locks in the colour. Then you apply the clear gloss and the idea is that it lasts for hours on end. Well I applied this colour and 2 hours later it hadn't budged and when I did try and take it off before I went to the gym, it definitely didn't want to come off. So I would say this would last for a long time, it didn't feel drying but I think it needs a longer test to make sure it doesn't dry out my lips. I like the idea though and as always, I will be looking at the nude and pink shades since they would look better on me.


  1. I wish they'd send me the face and body illuminator! I've bought everything else! LOL I bought Safari yesterday - some nice shades in it. The Storm palette is still my fave though.

  2. I reeeally want Safari now! The colours are all great.


  3. im ooozing with jealousy right now. I want! jk... Great review and thank you for the swatches!

  4. ohhhh those are soo pretty. I am loving both of those palettes. Great review!!

  5. please please please, I'm trying to get a hold on the Acid palette, but I really can't, since I'm in stupid Italy!!!

    Can you get me one and swap it? I'd send you Pupa products from here, and I also have a beautiful D&G thingy...if you are intrigued enough and want to know more contact me ;) (comment on my Sleek post?!)



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