Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Swap with LipstickRules a.k.a. Michelle

I got my swap stuff today Michelle! Yah! I love coming home to parcels! We decided to send eachother products that were exclusive to our countries so we could try out some new stuff we wouldn't normally have access to. Swapping is so much fun!

Unfortunately, the bronzer and blue eyeshadow got a bit damaged in the mail from Canada but I can easily sort that :)
So here's a quick rundown of what Michelle kindly sent me:

1) Quo Sun Kissed Bronzing powder

2)Quo Swirl Gloss in Tiger Tail

3) Quo Cooling Gel Shadow in Tundra

4)Joe Fresh Cheek Tint in Bronze

5) Joe Fresh Eyeshadow in Petrol

6) BonneBell LipLites in Cappuccino

7) Anabelle Eyeshadows in Suedine & 121

I will be trying these babies out asap and I'll let you know how I get on!

I sent my swap stuff to Michelle yesterday so you may see a post from her at the weekend about it. If you don't follow her blog, go check it out now, it's one of my faves!

Thanks for the goodies Michelle!


  1. OH how exciting! That was fast!

    I'm so sad about the bronzer being smashed up a bit..but hopefully it isn't overly damaged.

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  3. How fun, what a great idea! Im excited to hear how you both like everything!

  4. In my excitement that you get the packages, I made spelling errors on my last comment.

    I hope you enjoy - let me know what you think. The blue eyeshadow was my spontaneous purchase - I saw someone rave about it on Youtube and it's been in some Canadian magazines so when I saw it I got it :-)

  5. Man, I used to wear Bonne Belle's Cappuccino all the time when I was younger. That makes me want to pick some up the next time I'm out. I bought some the classic Lip Smackers Dr. Pepper lip gloss this week for fun and nostalgia's sake.

  6. I love buying old favourites, you neglect them for ages then remember how good they are!This swap has been fun and I'm looking forwad to what Michelle thinks of the stuff I got for her. The blue eyeshadow looks like it would be great as an eyeliner. I love the greeny colour of the Quo Gel shadow in's like a sparkly mossy green...can't wait to use it!

  7. Oh and I swatched the Joe Fresh Cheek Tint in Bronze and it's gorgeous! It's like a dupe for Mac Cream Colour Base in Shell but a lighter formulation (which could be an improvement)...I will do a post with a look etc soon!

  8. That is so fun! I'd love to do that! :)

  9. That's great Laura. Can't wait to see what you sent me too. I actually forgot to send you one other thing -- I will send it separately :-)

  10. I wore that bonnebell lipstick tonight!

  11. thanks for commenting :) i'm now following! xx


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