Thursday, 16 July 2009


Just a super quick post on this new tanning brand I spotted today on the 'what's new' beauty section of called Tantastic.

There seems to be just a couple of items available to buy so I'm guessing they're relatively new to the market. They claim it's 'non-smelling' and 'streak-free' tanning but all tan products claim to deliver this when they sometimes don't live up to it! I have posted a pic on the left of the Tantastic Instant Tan 150ml for £18.00 (they also do a leg gel).

On checking their website, there's press cuttings from Ulster tatler, VIP Magazine and Sunday Life all recommending it to give a natural, quick drying tan that lasts for 5 days. It is tinted like other tanning products and takes 6-8 hours to develop.

So ladies, as a fake tan devotee, I have to know if anyone has used this and if it's any good?


  1. I love but they take waaaaay to long to ship. I ordered some rompers for a trip I had coming up and they came a day after I had already left! Boo.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog :) yours is great!

  2. I haven't heard of this at all but I lurrve the bottle! I hope someone gives it a go coz I'm intrigued... xx


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