Thursday, 16 July 2009

Wedding Day Make-up/Hair

Ok, so it's over a year away but I'm already thinking about what make-up I will be wearing for the big day...yes, I like to plan ahead...way ahead.ha ha. I have a few ideas of what look I want to go for and I want it to be ethereal and quite neutral i.e. no heavy eye make-up and red lippy for me (I, controversially, didn't like Carrie's wedding makeup in the Sex & The City film...I thought it was way too harsh.). Although I'm opting for the paired down look, us ladies all know that natural make-up can actually take longer than doing a more glam look! Don't know how that works...

So here are the looks I have collated for inspiration with celebs with the same colouring as me (blonde hair, blue eyes, lightly tanned)...

Lauren Conrad - I love how glowy her skin is and I reckon you could achieve this with Mac Sun Rush Lustre Drops and some Prestige Skin Loving Minerals in Pure Shimmer or Nars highlighter in Albatross (I don't have this yet but it's on my list!). I love the candlit glow these products give you. Bourjois eyeshadow in Blanc Diaphane also gives a gorgeous glow but you have to make sure you don't go overboard as you can end up looking washed out due to the white colour. I think if I applied a contour bronzer like Barry M Natural Dazzle then the Bourjois product, it would work a treat. But...I also love Benefit High Beam for creating a gorgeous pink glow...I'm never gonna be able to choose what products I wanna use on the day at this rate! I also really like her hair in this pic, it's so pretty in a relaxed and carefree kinda way but I'm not sure if that's appropriate for a wedding look? What do you think? Maybe I could get away with it coz we are going to be getting married on a beach so I wouldn't want anything too structured or severe.

Onto my next inspirational pic...

Hayden Panettiere - I really like the simplicity of this. I'd say that to get this look you would need a light taupey brown eyeshadow, black/brown eyeliner and false eyelashes. I love a nude lip so all these looks will have that...whether it's pinky, peachy or beigey, it's gotta be nude overall. I also love Hayden's hair in this pic, the way it's sweeping across to one side. I really want my hair to be either flowing and wavy or loosely tied up coz I might be bare foot on the sandy beach so I think that would be in keeping with that environment and I have this image in my head of the photos being us on the beach with my veil and hair flowing in the wind etc....

And lastly...
Blake Lively - I like the golden skin with peachy blusher, it looks really fresh. Her eyes also aren't too overdone. I love the hair but once again, I'm not too sure if it's TOO relaxed. I just don't like the whole scraped up-absolutely perfect-loads of hairspray look that some brides go for. Even though I'm a perfectionist, I always gravitate towards looks that are more natural coz generally speaking, they're much more flattering on me.
So guys, help me out, any ideas on products or looks that you think would suit me or help to create a really glowy look?


  1. I think loose, wavy hair would look beautiful. Definitely not too relaxed. Maybe soft loose curls would be better? It would look styled but not too perfect. Are you doing your make-up yourself? It would be good to check out Pixiwoo's channel on youtube and watch the bridal video (if you haven't already) - some products are light reflecting and would not be suitable for the kind of flash photography that you get in wedding photos! x

  2. I'm with ya! because I plan on wearing a lace gown and having a vintage kind of theme to my wedding, I'm totally wearing a red lip. I think i'll go more matte and neutral on the eyes and wear a gorgeous red lip. I'm all about the glamazon makeup for my wedding. I hope i just don't cry it all off ;)

  3. heyy its Vanessita.. you left a comment on my page like yesterday i think?? Thanks so much for taking the time to view my page, its pretty basic as of now but im working on it! Your page is amazing i love it!Iv subscribed!!

  4. I love LC's hair and makeup it is so hot! It would really suit you. I agree with Lydia, Pixiwoo are amazing with their tips on makeup and they have loads of Bridal tutorial videos it's great!
    I also agree with you about Carrie B, I love her, but the wedding makeup made her looked really washed out and the red lip was waaaaay too harsh on her!

  5. I can't wait to plan my wedding! I will be such a bride-zilla, haha.

    I like the thought of loose hair but I really like up-dos like Lauren Conrad, they look so sophisticated and pretty.


  6. I think LC's makeup would look gorgeous on you. As for the hair you could do some loose beachy waves. xx

  7. I think you should pick the hairstyle that you like best and just go with it! Don't worry about it looking too carefree. I think you are drawn to these hair and makeup styles for a reason, and that is because they are all giving off that beachy kind of vibe. Which totally suits a beach wedding! :)
    As recommended already, I do think it's a good idea to seek out professional advice about makeup as flash photography is a whole different thing.Or at the very least, do alot of research about what works and does not. Your wedding pictures are forever.
    In regards to hair, I recommend trying the hairstyles you like and getting someone to snap a few pictures from various angles to see if you like how it looks. I am totally with you in regards to the severe/tight/overly styled hair dos. I like loose flowing hair. I have this picture from a formal thing I attended and the hairdresser did my hair in a tight up-do....from the front I looked like a boy. I don't think that's what any of us wants on one of the most important days of our lives!...LOL :)
    Good luck and happy planning..

  8. Thanks so much for the advice everyone, I watch alot of the Pixiwoo vids on YT so I will watch the bridal ones and see what tips I can pick up, they are total makeup gurus afterall!I hadn't thought about the flash photgraphy so I will have to be careful what I use on my face!I really appreciate you all taking the time to leave a comment and looking at my blog in general x

  9. I think Lauren Conrads look is very natural and the nicest out of all 3 celebs you have posted. Its a nicely bronzed look with a light smokey eye. I think you should definately consider this look... also loose drawn back hair (like LCs) would be really stunning on you. Its a really natural carefree style that can be done up for more glam look or toned down for a more natural flow!


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