Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Who else revels in seeing celebs without makeup?

Whenever I see pictures of celebrities looking very plain or downright rough without makeup I have these conflicting feelings inside me, like a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the says "ha ha, look at them, don't they look awful, so they're not natural beauties afterall!" and then the other one says "oh god, I feel sorry for them, I would be so mortified if someone took a pic of me looking like that and I was a laughing stock with all my flaws being scrutinised".

Us girls are always trying to achieve perfection with our clothes, makeup and hair and we look to these celebs to provide us with an image to aspire to. I think we all kinda forget that they're human too. None of them are perfect and all the airbrushing that goes on in magazines and soft focus cameras being used in adverts just perpetuates the myth that they are flawless. We have to remember that they themselves admit that when they see pictures of themselves in photo shoots, they wish they looked like that in real life.

I have to hand it to them for stepping outside the front door without applying any makeup coz I personally would never ever do that, especially not if I was in the public eye. You just know that the next week your face would be splashed over magazines like Heat commenting on how crap you look.

Even though it's so easy to laugh at them and poke fun, I think we should probably give these girls a break. Maybe by going out without make up on they're trying to make girls like us feel less pressured to conform to a perfect image that the media creates. Even the most beautiful supermodels in the world don't look great without the help of a professional make up artist.

We often forget that these celebs spend more than we earn in a month just to look good for one night on the red carpet...there's hairdressers, make-up artists, stylists, manicurists etc all paid to ensure that they look perfect.

So girls, the point I'm trying to make is that we should stop beating ourselves up when we look in the mirror some days and see spots or dry skin or bad one is perfect and who would want to be? I think that would be boring and it would mean I wouldn't have to buy make up anymore...I would have to find a new hobby!I have fun just playing with make up and it makes me feel good just simply making an effort. So just remember, the celebs who are celebrated as being the most beautiful women in the world have to work hard to look that way, it's not natural perfection, it's just make up. The sooner us women accept and appreciate what god gave us, the better. He gave me a decent canvas to work with and I'm gonna use it!


  1. It doesn't phase me seeing slebs with no make up on cos like you say I'm fully aware they have an army of MUA's and stylists whose job it is to make them look gorge anyway.

    Most of the women we're subjected to on a daily basis you wouldn't glance twice at if you saw them walking down the steet.

    I do however think Beyonce is naturally beautiful and would turn heads whatever state she was in.

  2. Great post.....

    Vanessa and Hilary still look lush without makeup, they don't look super rough.


  3. @ Lush19 - yeah I agree that they don't look super rough, I didn't mean them in particular, but they do look a heck of a lot more normal without makeup or airbrushing.

    @Yinka - I agree with you, some people have natural beauty that always gets noticed (Halle Berry or Jessica Alba for instance). It's just comforting to know that they also feel the need to slap on the make up to look good. I guess I just worry about the young girls who grow up seeing these images and punish themselves for not looking that way.

  4. It is worrying because with all the help & airbrushing they have, they have a look that will never be achieved by the average joe.

    Most of them look good with no make-up on because they have access to the best skincare products.

    Interesting post. xx

  5. Heey,

    Thanks for checking out my blog...I just became a follower of yours:) With the Urban Decay Eyeliner in Bourbon I've noticed that it doesn't stay put as good as the Zero one does. It does fade throughout the day...which sucks...because I love the color.

  6. hah i do love applying the tanja tan lol

  7. They're only human. Just like us.

  8. Well said! It's nice to see the celebs au naturel once and while. Puts it all in perspective.


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