Friday, 28 August 2009

Ebay, I Salute You

I often go through phases of Ebaying coz there's some great bargains to be found on there! I was browsing the other day and came across three dresses that were brand new with the tags still on them and a fraction of the shop price so obviously I couldn't resist! (I got them all for a total of £26.59 including postage and packaging!).

I must have a thing about ruffles/frills at the moment coz they all have a touch of that detail. The first one is from Oasis and I have always loved this Electric Blue colour that has been around for a while. Now that I have been working out at the gym for quite some time, I think my arms are worth showing off now so the one shoulder design is perfect for that.
The second one is also from Oasis and has a similar frill design down the front. I have the PERFECT Steve Madden shoes to go with this dress! I like the fact that you could dress this down a bit with leggings or glam it up with sky high heels. As you can tell by now, I love bright colours and this purple number is no exception.
The third dress I got is from Monsoon (part of the fusion line) and I love the halterneck details with the ruffles. It's a lovely pink colour that will be perfect for my colouring. I love empire waists coz they put all the emphasis on the smallest part of your waist. I think this one is a bit more casual and would look great with some flat gladiator sandals, sunnies and the famous Lauren Conrad side hair braid.
I should be receiving these dresses next week and I can't wait!
Have you guys spied any bargains on Ebay lately?


  1. Have you heard about The Big Wardrobe? Its awesome. I've been raving on about it at the moment. Its on my blog if you wanna have a look

  2. I just checked it out! Looks really great! Thanks for letting me know about it Emma xx

  3. Ebay is great- just in the middle of round two of my summer clearout. I keep finding new things that I havent worn- whats the point in holding on the them?! Mostly my new things go on ebay and the rest goes to Charity shops.

    I love electric blue too. Everytime I see it in a shop I glide towards it in a hypnotic trance! Can't wait to see photos of the items once they arrive! :)

  4. Hey :) Ive just come across your blog and think its fantastic... so you now have another follwer ;) hehe.

    Im also an ebay lover. Can't resist a good bargain! Them dresses are gorgeous hunny.. be sure to post some pics of you wearing them, so we call all have a nosey :P

    Jo... X

  5. i LOVE that blue number! Is there a link to this ebayers store? I must have a looksie!


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