Saturday, 29 August 2009

ELF Brushes + Mineral Eyeshadows

I ordered some Elf brushes and two mineral eyeshadows yesterday morning and they arrived today...I'm impressed by that! From left to right in the pic below, I got the Studio Powder Brush, Studio Fan Brush, Studio Small Smudge Brush and Blending Brush from the normal selection of ELF brushes on the website. I had previously bought the eyeshadow brush and was so impressed by the quality of it that I went back for more.

I used all four of these brushes this morning and they certainly didn't disappoint. The Studio Powder Brush is PERFECT for contouring the face, it's soft to the touch but firm enough to do the job. The Fan Brush is also great quality and is perfect for applying highlighter powder to the cheekbones or just tidying up any fallout after applying powder eyeshadow. I have been after a precision smudge brush for a while to soften eyeliner and apply darker eyeshadows to the outer corner of my eyes without ending up with it all over the place. This small brush is perfect for that. The Blending brush is great too, it's very soft and not packed too tightly. These brushes are just great value for money, the Studio brushes being £3.50 and the normal brushes £1.50. I highly recommend them if you want to build up your brush collection quickly but can't afford MAC Brushes. After watching a YouTube vid and seeing a post by Lollipop26 on the ELF Mineral Eyeshadow in Natural, I had to check it out. I also got another shade called Mysterious.

As you can see from the swatch below, albeit a rubbish photo, the Natural shade is a gorgeous golden beige neutral colour. It would be perfect as a base colour for just about any look and it has a lovely sheen. The pigmentation is lush and it's stunning when you apply it wet. I was disappointed by the Mysterious shade though as it's very matte and the pigmentation isn't fantastic to be honest. It's supposed to be a lavender grey shade but it just looked dull to me. I think these eyeshadows could be a bit hit and miss and it doesn't help that the swatches on the website don't really reflect the true colour of the product. However, I'm not too upset as these were also very cheap so it won't break the bank if you get a couple of duds.

Have you guys tried any other shades of these eyeshadows and if so, what did you think of them?


  1. I love using the Studio Powder Brush for buffing in my MSF Natural, its perfect! I have the complexion brush too and really like it! Haven't tried the mineral eyeshadows yet, but I know Oxford Jasmine/Sirviniya have done swatches of all of them on youtube on the ELF channel. x

  2. Wow - that was fast! I wish we had mail service on Saturdays! I want that flat topped brush.

  3. Oooo.. Im liking the sound of the studio powder brush. I need quite a few new brushes and my budget is tight at the moment :( but thanks to your great review, I think I'll order some from ELF.

    You're a star hunny!!!!

    Jo.. X

  4. Thanks for the review hun, I have made and ELF order myself so I am pleased to know the products will be worth it. Sarah x

  5. AAck, I just placed an order now thanks to your and other reviews i've been reading about ELF.



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