Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Hair: Messy vs. Super Groomed

I would love to be one of those girls who can get their hair big and messy and it looks really bohemian and "just out of bed" cool. Unfortunately, due to my fine hair, if I mess it up, it looks like I've been dragged through a hedge backwards. Lots of celebs opt for the care-free, mussed up look, like new popstrel on the block, Pixie Lott on the left. I love this Brigitte Bardot inspired look where it seems like she has been frolicking about on a beach all day. Maybe this look takes more effort than first meets the eye but I would guess you just need a good volumising product and maybe a beachy sea salt finishing spray.
I would love to be that carefree with my hair, but unfortunately, I have a little OCD fairy inside me that I have mentioned before and she won't, let me have bits of hair sticking up (how anal is SHE?!). She always wants my hair to be smooth and super shiny, whether I'm rockin the conical wand waves and curls or going for a straight blowdry.
I am definitely in the camp of Kim Kardashian, whereby if my hair is blowdried straight, it's sleek and glossy with a bit of volume. I am a BIG fan of serum! If I decide to wear it wavy or curly, it's still sleek and very tidy. Sometimes I feel like I should try a less "prim and proper" look, go all out and mess the damn thing up. But I know that I would spend all day flattening the sticky up bits down. My hair just isn't thick enough to get away with it and my style is very groomed so it stands to reason that my hair will follow suit.
So, tell me ladies, are you a messed up madam or a sleek siren?


  1. Messed up alll the way! I love that top photo! But don't you think the messed up look always looks best on blondes? On brunettes it can sometimes just look a mess! Instead of bohemian, you know? x

  2. Don't get me wrong...I love the messed up look...it just doesn't suit me.ha ha. I think it just depends on your personal style, everyone is different :)

  3. your OCD fairy will probably be very disappointed in me :) im a messy hair girl! i love the brigitte bardot look and cant stand it if i look in the mirror and everything is perfect and sleek and in place.x

  4. Yesss you should flick that little OCD fairy off your shoulder & give messy hair a go. My hair is mostly always messy. :) i think it suits me more. xxx

  5. @Shakespeareandstilettos - I think I would need thicker hair to achieve the Bardot look, the only way I can get volume is by curling my hair :(

    @Zoella - I KNEW you would comment on this post.ha ha. You're hair always looks brilliant when it's all messed up, it's kinda like your trademark!

  6. Im like you! I have very fine hair naturally (And then with daily straightening and monthly colouring, its even finer!) I always try to "mess up my hair" but it only looks good in dim lighting :( Hummm

  7. Messed up. My hair is so thick it's a pain to get it sleek and gorgeous looking, so I embrace the messy look haha.
    Suppose it just depends what you think suits you best. I love messy hair on me. xo

  8. Messed up, but often it does that automatically regardless of what I do to it! I need to get teh ends trimmed before I straighten it again really.

    Thanks for the blog comment by the way. I'm trying to find out what other colours they come in, and failing. If you have any skin hints then i'd love to hear them to help with the 30 Day Skin Challenge!

    Thanks :)

  9. I looove big messy beachy waves!
    But my hair is really straight, it falls flat sooo fast... :(

  10. I rock both, depending on my mood. Sometimes I just have to release my inner sex siren and for me thats either a dark smokey eye, big messy hair or red lips!
    I bet it looks right amazing on you and you just think it doesn't! Give it a go and post your results, I am sure we'll all love it! :)


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