Monday, 3 August 2009

I got another award!yah!

The lovely Victoria at has nominated me for an award as one of her favourite blogs to read. There's always alot of awards doing the rounds but I can honestly say that I really appreciate every single one that I get. It great to know that people enjoy reading my blog. If you haven't already checked out Victoria's blog, give it a whirl...I can guarantee you'll love it!

I have picked my 12 favourite blogs that I love to read:

1) 15 Steps, then a beauty blog - A gorgeous girl with amazing skin and impeccable style, I always look forward to seeing what designer swag she's lusting after.
2) Alpha Blonde - The epitome of blonde glam...I wish I had her hair! She is truly stunning, a lovely girl and does fantastic vids!
3) I Love...the obsessions of a Shopaholic - A wicked girl with a wicked sense of humour, her posts always make me laugh and smile.
4) Kelanjo - I love her down to earth style and she's the type of girl you can imagine being friends with.
5) Lipstick Rules - A really friendly blogger that I did a swap with, she does really interesting posts and is definitely a yummy mummy!
6) Miss Natty's Beauty Diary - She offers out amazing tips on things like self tanning that I never thought of, I love her FOTD's!
7) Vex in The City - I love her straight talking style and sense of humour in her posts. She does great FOTD's and I am coveting her make up collection!
8) ♥lipgloss86 - She is one of the most friendly bloggers I have come across and has taken a genuine interest in my wedding plans, it's always great to hear from her and pick up make up tips.
9) ...It's in the bag! - A relatively new blogger who has done some great posts already...we have to support the newbies!
10) Moggalicious - A gorgeous fellow Scottish blogger who was the first one to enter my Miss World Contest...I'm sure you'll agree she did a sterling job!
11) Zoella - I want her hair!It's amazing!She is a cute little thing who does really good FOTD's and it's nice to have a peek into her world.
12) Lollipop26 - This girl is the reason I started blogging in the first place...she is one of the most popular bloggers out there and it's easy to see why. Her vid's are amazing, she posts about interesting products and she's always trying out new things.

I would highly recommend you follow all of these fantastic blogs.


  1. awww thank you!! i feel touched when i get an award!! x

  2. Awe thanks so much lovely hehe. xxx

  3. You're too sweet! Thank you so much for the award! I love lollipop26 too, she's so cute!


  4. Thanks hon, that's really sweet of you. I don't think I realise just how "straight talking" I am at times Hahahaha!

  5. Thanks so much! So sweet of you.I've never been described as a yummy mummy before. LOL


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