Friday, 7 August 2009

I got a PHD!

Now I know what you might be thinking and before you congratulate me on my great achievement and wealth of intelligence...PHD in my world stands for Perfect Hair day. It's really a very shallow play on the acronym PHD.ha ha. It's all part of my ongoing series of posts called Project Healthy Hair.

I was given the ooportunity to test two Tommyguns products pictured below, the Colour Save Intensive Masque and 'Leave Me in' Conditioner & Styling Creme.

I used the 'Leave me in' product as a styling creme yesterday and it worked a treat to seal the ends of my hair and made it look really shiny and healthy, without being weighed down, which can often happen with my fine hair. I love the smell of these products, I can't describe what it smells like, but I love it. It contains Ginger Root & Green Tea to protect your hair. I probably wouldn't use this product everyday as I do use serum on my hair normally but it's a great product when you want an extra moisture boost if your hair feels particularly dry or after you have been in the sun.

I tried the hair mask today and I can confirm that I have a PHD situation. This product is super thick and contains "a blend of conditioning oils Babassu which provides protection & nourishment, Apricot, Almond & Wheat providing rich conditioning & damage repair". I was in a rush today so I didn't really look in the mirror to check how my hair turned out but when I got to work I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror and I was really happy with my hair! I just blowdried it this morning with my usual products so it was definitely the hair mask that made the difference! My hair just falls the way I want it to, it's soft without being too soft (static) and my roots look so smooth and shiny. It's totally eliminated any sticky up bits that I had. The hair mask has the same lovely smell, I just applied it after shampooing, combed it through and then left it for about 3 mins. My hair was a cinch to brush whilst wet after using the mask...knotty tuggy hair really gets on my nerves when I'm in a rush! So, in conclusion, my favourite was the mask and it is a definite rival to the Kerastase one that I was raving about a while ago. The styling creme/conditioner is something I would only use once a week to tame my hair when it gets dry.

The Tommyguns range is available from John Lewis, Waitrose and Tesco Extra if you fancy checking it out.


  1. Aaaah, I cant believe they had in Waitrose!!How didnt i see it??Ah well, next time..I didnt have free space in my bag anyway!
    I had the chance to try the Fig-Plum-Marshmellow ones and I loved them, especially the amazing smell!

  2. They have it in the Boots near me too!


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