Wednesday, 5 August 2009

To extend or not to extend...

I've seen loads of YouTube vids on different types of hair extensions and have always wondered if they would actually work for me. I have long hair already so I wouldn't want them for the length, more for the body and volume they could give to my natural hair, I have a good amount to play with but it's fine so lacks body. There's only so much volume I can get with styling products! I love using my Babylis Conical Wand to create voluminous waves and curls but I can't rely solely on that or I will end up frazzling my hair and ruining project healthy hair. And we wouldn't want that, would we!

I watched Lollipop26's video on the Jessica Simpson human hair extensions she was sent and she didn't seem too impressed (the idea of human hair really freaks me out by the way and I'm not sure about the ethical implications of where they get it from???). This was due to the fact that they are not ideal for people with fine hair as the clips show through your hair at the top...not ideal! She did say that if you have thick hair, then this product could be amazing for you. I know she has also tried other ones that came in three wefts (sections of hair) and these seemed to work well for her. I think they cost about £20 per section so to get the full effect would cost me £60, which is quite alot of money to spend on something that may not even look good on me. I also have worries about matching my hair colour, there's nothing worse than seeing someone with awful extensions that look really obvious, ratty and don't match! The look I'm going for is natural and subtle. I'm not interested in going to get extensions woven or glued into my hair as a) you can always see where the extensions join when people tie their hair back and b) it hurts ALOT much that you can't sleep! (according to a girl at my work who got it done).
So hopefully you girlies can offer some help on what would be the best type and brand to go for to achieve something natural. I have a budget of about £80-£100 so I can't go buying anything crazy that costs hundreds. I wouldn't be wearing the extensions everyday, just for night's out and special occasions. I have this fear that the extensions might fall out when I'm wearing embarassing would that be??!! Any suggestions/advice you can offer on this would be great as I'm a hair extension virgin!


  1. My extensions were a brand called Clipinz. They were human hair and I only got half a head because like you my hair was already long and I just wanted some more volume. They were only £30, bargain! (Full head is £60). They also do synthetic hair if you're more comfortable with that. I've had no complaints with them at all, so easy to use, enough hair for my head and they look completely natural, I was very impressed with the colour match! Here's the website if you want to have a look xxx

  2. If you want to match colour's in person go round to Salon Services or Sally's, they both have weaves, clips and colour rings to match your colour.

  3. @ Amy - Thanks for the comment, that's encouraging that you like them and they look good!

    @Redz2486 - Are you from Aberdeen? If so, can you let me know where Sally's is coz I have no idea

  4. So funny! Lollipop26 has made me want extensions too! lol I was thinking about getting the 'euronext remy 18inch' from Sally's...they have really good reviews...I think you should go for it!

  5. If you want to just try some dirt cheap ones first of all, try Peacocks. they do a set for £5, the colors are limited(to 3 I think) but if they match then they might be a good place to start. I bought 2 sets to try, the extensions are really thin and my natural hair is really thick so it looked really fake with just one set.
    I've worn them once, to work and then a work lunch and my work mates couldn't believe they were cheap clip ins. that's the blond ones. You can't style them with heat but you could cut them and decide whether it would be worth getting expensive ones.
    Hope that helps. I'm also wearing them in my pic and there's a bigger pic on my blog if you want to see what they look like.


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