Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Wedding Plans...ok it's getting serious now

We have now booked a date for the wedding! it's Sunday 1st August 2010 and that means there's only 354 days to go! Loads of time to plan everything but as I like to be super organised, I have loads of lists and spreadsheets on the go!

I have tried on about 40 dresses between a shop in Aberdeen and shops in Cork, Ireland. I know I should look around more shops than that but I've already found the dress I want! As soon as I put it on I felt so special and it's so flattering (if only all my clothing could be made with corsetry!). I just knew it was "the one".

I would post a picture but my fiance might see it on my blog and we all know that's bad luck so I will post a link instead

The wedding will be at the Lodge on Loch Lomond, which is a beautiful place right next to the water surrounded by mountains. The reception room looks out onto the loch so it's going to be amazing!

We will be doing a celtic theme since I'm Scottish and Chris is Irish so the bouquets and table arrangements will be cream roses, thistles and lots of lovely greenery (pic below to show you what I mean) and there will be lots of celtic touches like a piper! Chris and the best man will be wearing kilts. He is hoping to wear his family tartan so it's even more meaningful. The seats will all be have white covers with tartan ribbon tying them at the back and we are having a ceilidh band so everyone will be doing Scottish dancing for the first couple of hours. This is always lots of fun!

I still need to work out bridesmaids dresses but I like the knee length design below, it's really chic and I love the belt detail:

I even found a cake topper that is a Scottish/Irish celtic design with two hands joining together...perfect!

I'm actually having so much fun planning this wedding, it really appeals to my creative side and I can't wait to get all the little details sorted out nearer the time. I think I'm well on top of everything but hopefully that will reduce the stress!


  1. ohhh!
    im happy for you!

    your dress is perfect
    im pretty sure you will look fab on it!

    & your reception is also fab...

    you still have lots of time to plan it out
    im pretty sure it will perfect...

    but then what's more perfect than finding your soulmate,right?

    much happiness to you,girl!
    id die just to be included in your guest list

  2. Congratulations :D
    That dress :O is gorgeous
    The reception, flowers and the idea of the bridesmaid dresses are beautiful :)


  3. Ooooo wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww it all looks AMAZING! I'm so excited for you haha I love weddings. Your dress is stunning and your mr is one lucky guy! Xxxx

  4. congratulations!

    i like the colour of the bridesmaid dresses- very nice!

  5. Wow what a gorgeous dress and such a lovely place for your wedding, it looks like its going to be amazing! :) xx

  6. What a beautiful dress and an amazing place for the reception, it's breathtaking! And I love that bridesmaid dress, it's gorgeous! Best of luck with the rest of your plans xxx

  7. Just beautiful.

    I love a good old Scottish/Irish Shindig (which was the wedding I was at in the photo#s on my blog)

    Ps My band have gigged at the loch lomond lodge for a wedding, and I can confirm, it is breathtakingly beautiful..

    "Oh Yeel tak the high road and I'll tak the low road and I'll be in scotland afore ye, cos me and my true love will never meet again on the bonny bonny banks of loch lomond!"


    P.s SO jealous! I need to get Keith kicked into gear...x

  8. yay! it's all coming together! the dress you chose is beautiful. my wedding is in 10 months exactly and I haven't tried on ONE dress. LOL. i love you theme and can't wait to hear more of the plans!

  9. You are going to have such a beautiful wedding! Thanks for checking out my blog by the way :)


  10. Congrats!
    You seem so organized already, always a good sign- start as you mean to go on. :)
    The dress is beautiful and the venue looks amazing too!


  11. Lodge on the Loch is a beautiful location for a wedding, i've been there and it is simply stunning with the views etc! You are getting to the exciting planning stage now! I was a bridesmaid for my friend in June in Pitlochry and she had a Wish Tree instead of a guest book where people wrote their wishes on tags and hung them on the tree, it was a cute idea! Have fun in the run up because the day itself will fly by!! xx

  12. Congrats! I just got married 5/15/09. PLanning a wedding is so much fun and I just love all you have picked out

  13. thank you so much hun for the positive feed back about my blog! you truly made my night (since it is only 5 am here in california) & i couldn't sleep so thanks hun! and the view where you wedding will take place is beautiful, congratulations! =)

  14. Sounds absolutely are so organised!! Dress is gorgeous-I think I've found mine too but wasn't sure about posting it-link is fabulous idea. Not long to go now! Soooo exciting! x x

  15. Aww the Lodge is absolutely gorgeous and it's so romantic. I was up for a few days in July and absolutely loved it. The dress looks beautiful too.x


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