Monday, 31 August 2009

Why have I never heard of this before????

So it's my third post of the day...but there's a VERY good reason for this...I HAD to do this post because after watching some footage on YouTube of Kandee The MakeUp Artists NY Glaminars, I have discovered a genius palette that is customisable. It's called a Z-Palette and the whole base of it is magnetic so all you need to do is pop your eyeshadow/blush pans etc out of their casing and pop them straight into the palette! Easy!
There's two sizes, a larger one and a smaller travel size one, and the website also sells magnetic tabs in case your eyeshadow pans weren't designed to be magnetic. The best thing of all is it has a clear lid so you can see exactly what's inside...I have to get some pronto! You can get them at The larger one is $20.00 (approx £13.50) and the smaller one is $14.00 (approx £8.60). Kandee had said that they are very sturdy too.

Maybe I have been totally out of the loop and you guys already know about this wonder product but I just thought I'd let you know in case you were unaware. I was going to finally depot my growing collection of MAC eyeshadows into a MAC palette I am definitely going to get some of these instead...I just think they're more practical.


  1. Aw are they only available in america :( ? x

  2. No they ship internationally, I have contacted them to find out how much shipping will cost...when I do, I will post the cost on my blog

  3. Wow I hadn't heard of them before, thanks for such a cool link x

  4. ohh!
    how nice

    i would actually like to own inglot..if i can
    i think its also magnetic

  5. Totally beats a cd made palette! Just need to depot...LOL

  6. i like the idea of this since the bottom has a magnet..but i still just pop out the divider in my MAC palette to fit different size e/s

  7. Just found out that to ship it to me will cost £7.50 and will take 6-10 days...not too chuffed about the shipping cost but I think it will be worth it

  8. I have one of these bought it at the IMATS for £10


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