Thursday, 3 September 2009

A Bit of a Rant...

Hi guys,

Generally I am a very laid back, calm person but something that annoyed me lately was someone I know saying to me..."Why do you feel the NEED to wear makeup?...I mean, don't you find it boring spending all that time getting ready in the mornings and don't you think it's a bit vain?"

This kind of comment really bugs me. The fact that I also got an email from someone that said I was a poser after seeing my blog, because I post pictures of myself on there, this riled me even more. This was the main reason why I didn't want everyone I knew to be checking out my blog all the time, coz they just don't get what it's all about. I had told a select group of people about it coz I knew they wouldn't have a problem with it and they know me well enough to know that I'm not a poser and I don't "love myself". It's very hard to explain to someone who doesn't own or isn't interested in makeup. We all know the reason we post pictures of our makeup is to give other bloggers a heads up on what products look like when applied. I always find this is the most useful way of seeing how the product works as opposed to just swatching it. It's also akin to going shopping in town with your mates then emptying your bags out at the end to look through what evryone's just fun and interesting!

It really upsets me that some people might look at my blog and assume I'm full of myself but then again maybe I shouldn't be so concerned with what other people think. Makeup is fun and to me, applying it in the morning or at any other time is rarely a chore. I enjoy playing with makeup and I like the way it can transform the way you look and give you confidence. It really does make people feel better about themselves and I don't see how that can be a bad thing.

Some people seem to have a problem with this and I'm not quite sure why? I love blogging about makeup and clothes and I'm not about to stop anytime soon just because someone thinks it's "sad" or that I'm superficial. I have to say that the girls I have got to know through these blogs are anything BUT superficial. They have been warm, welcoming and all around top girls!


  1. I think some people don't understand at all. And are maybe jealous?
    Was it a woman who made this comment?

  2. Yeah it was a woman that said it. I just don't why some people feel the need to put others down like that...I mean if they don't like my blog, then just don't read it!ha ha

  3. I love make-up its like painting on my face!

    However my brother always makes stupid comments similar to what you just wrote about.

    There is nothing superficial about what we do/our passion. But if someone is having a bad day or feeling insecure they always try to make others feel bad. Its jealousy. Also you are very good looking.. and of course that will also get you have a combination of things people get jealous about. They cant do what you do, and they cant look like you!!

    Ignore it hon!! xx

  4. I know what you mean. I don't tell people about my blog and i never told them about my YouTube channel because i thought they would think it was too 'up myself'
    But when i was growing up, attractive women always intimidated me because i was jealous and i always wanted to feel attractive too. maybe thats what this womans problem is? She is jealous, so lashing out at you? No excuse of course.

  5. ignore comments like that, some people just dont understand it and its not worth trying to explain yourself to them. the main thing is that the people who follow and enjoy your blog (and there are a lot of them!) understand why you post pictures of yourself etc. i have just recently started a blog myself and really feel that this is a great online community, its good to know that so many people share the same interest in makeup as me and everyone has been so nice.

  6. @ Tali - Thank you for your kind comments and the compliment - very sweet of you. I have decided to rise above it! P.S. - LOVE your YouTube vids and blog! xx

    @Emma - I know what you mean about people feeling insecure but that's one of the reasons I started the blog so maybe younger girls or girls who didn't know about makeup could have a place to go to learn a bit about what's out there...I'm not a guru by ANY means but I hope I can help at least someone.

    @ Rupa - It's a comfort to know that most people understand my blog and what it's all about. I totally agree about this amazing online community we have here, everyone is so lovely and helpful and I'm so glad to be a bit of it

  7. It is jealously hun. You are gorgeous, with flawless skin and perfect makeup. They are probably ugly, plain and boring!

    I know it's hard but just ignore all that crap!


  8. Aww that's crappy! I've been lucky in that the people i've told think it's ace what I do (my boyfriend thinks it's S.A.F - Sad as F*ck. But he understands I love it and loves me anyway)

    There are still people out there who just wouldn't understand, probably the same as I take the piss out of geeks with computer game blogs....Pffft What a load of guff ;-D

    I know you should take no notice and ignore the comments, however if your like me and you tend to take it to heart - it's hard.

    All I can say is it's them with the problem, and if it persists smile and tell them that. Tell them they can think whatever they like, the important people - despite not understanding - will always support and nurture your hobbies.

    Marie xx

  9. @ Victoria - Thanks so much for the lovely compliments

    @Marie - Thanks for the nice comment - I'm lucky that my fiance Chris and my friends are great about it and really supportive. Chris even suggests different posts I can do or how I can improve my photos!ha ha. He understands that it's something I'm passionate about, so despite the odd moan about how my makeup takes up too much room, he's great about it all

  10. I love one of the youtube gurus' comments about hater: "The little red box with an X on the top right corner of your computer will solve it. If you don't like what I'm saying, close the page and move on" lol

    Love your positive attitude towards this whole thing!

  11. I'm with Halifax. If they don't like it, they don't have to read.

    To send you an email about that is stupid.

    Let's all ignore this kind of negativity. These people simply don't get it and are too ignorant to see beyond what they want to see. Not up to us to change their minds.

  12. I can't believe someone bothered to email you saying things like that how pathetic. I love looking at photos of people much more than swatches as, like you said, it actually SHOWS what a product looks like!!xxxxxxxxxx

  13. I've showed one of my besties my blog and some of the other beauty blogger's blogs and she doesn't get it either. I've shown her some of the most respected and talented makeup artists on here and she doesnt get why people would want to use so much color on their eyes. People just don't understand our "hobby" and in turn, choose to put it down. We aren't trainer asked me the other day as he saw a streak of foundation on my sweaty shirt. "Why do you wear makeup?! I do not let my girlfriend wear any. you look just as good without it." Really? my brows are HALF on and none of my features are accentuated. LOL. I'm not saying we all NEED makeup..but it makes us feel a certain way.

  14. Make up doesn't hurt anyone in fact it can be a brilliant tool in making you feel good about yourself. When I am having a good hair and/or makeup day I walk differently, think differently and generally feel in a much better mood. Does it matter what makes us happy and confident as long as we are?!

  15. I can't believe someone took the time to actually write you an email!! What a jerk... I don't think anyone in the makeup blogging community posts pictures because they are "full of themselves" at all. Its a way to draw inspiration and to see how your tastes change over time. I'm not confident at all yet I still post pictures because I think its fun! The only people who know about my blog are my husband (whose never looked at it), my brother and his fiance.

  16. This is the reason I won't tell anyone i know about it besides my mom and her friends since they are more mature than people our age..I truly loathe jealous people and that's all they are plain and simple!


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