Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Debenhams Beauty Club

After browsing through Look Magazine this lunchtime, I came across an advert for the new Debenhams Beauty Club Card. It's basically the same idea as the Boots Advantage Card and I'm definitely up for anything like that! Here's the lowdown, you get:
  • Exclusive Gifts & Offers
  • Free Samples
  • Free Beauty Makeovers
  • Expert Skincare Consultations
  • Insider Tips & Advice
  • Beauty Gossip Emails

I don't know about you guys but I'm really excited by this! I love the thought of building up points as I spend and anything that I can't get in my local Boots, I get from Debenhams alot of the time so this could prove useful! I love Gossip and I love emails so the Beauty Gossip emails sound good too. You just pick up a card in-store and then activate it online.

For more info, check out...



  1. This is great, definitely going to pick one up! x

  2. I've had mine since June and already managed to rack up £15 worth of points to spend! Quite embarassing really - shows how much I spend on cosmetic products :o


  3. I have one of these already with some points built up but when i went to use it instore the SA said you can only use your points at certain times?! Which doesnt make sense to me really and she didnt have a clue WHEN i could use it either! Which is a little odd haha :S xx

  4. It's not quite as generous as the Boots card, but it's still a nice thing to have! haha :) xx

  5. Its not as good as the boots card! and ive never recieved free samples or makeovers or anything like that!

  6. I got mine last weekend and even though I have seen leaflets saying you get £5.00 free I haven't got it... bit weird really as I was very excited. Let's hope they do actually give samples as I never get any when I go to Debenhams, the one near me they barely even have a clue what the products they are selling are called!


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