Monday, 14 September 2009

Good Times/Bad Times


1) Urban Decay Half Baked eyeshadow + Urban Decay Bourbon 24/7 eyeliner (both from the Get Baked palette) = the perfect goldy bronze for my skintone. I've been wearing it with the Bourbon liner smudged along the top lashline...perfection.

2) I was down another lb last week and my fat percentage is way down to 29.1% so let's hope I can carry on the trend this week...

3) I have found the holy trinity for my fine hair...Sebastian Penetraitt Shampoo & Conditioner + Lancome Hair Sensation Nutrition Intense Smooth & Shine Treatment. Never has my hair been so healthy and shiny before!

4) My skin has been behaving itself for the past few weeks, there's been absolutely no breakouts of any kind...woo hoo!

5) I found out that Zara is coming to Aberdeen and the shop opens next month...since I've heard many people raving about this store, I can't wait to check it out! I'm loving all the autumn/winter stuff around at the mo!


1) I feel like I've reached stalemate in the wedding preparations at the mo...I started off well but I seem to have gotten weighed down with all the details. I need to get back on track this week and start getting all the big important things sorted out!

2) Still another 2 weeks until payday :(

3) I got a couple more emails from people slagging me off about getting free stuff from companies...I've already addressed this in an earlier post so I'm refusing to defend myself again to these people. I know why I write this blog and it's because I have a passion for everything I talk about on here.End of.


  1. I think they are just envious because they are not capable of keeping an interesting blog and companies do not contact them.

    Geez, so many silly things people become envious of... :S

  2. I cannot believe people go as far as messaging you to slag you off, thats just so pathetic and childish. You provide a service for all us fellow bloggers by writing reviews on the products you are sent, therefore you're benefiting the company and benefiting us readers, as we get a real woman's review, which then helps us decide whether to purchase the products or not. Ignore them all darling.

    Jo.. X

  3. can't believe ppl write you e-mails about free stuff! Reviews are what helps fellow makeup lovers to buy the better things and not waste money on rubbish products!keep up the good work is what I say!!xxx

  4. Why the fuck are people emailing you slagging you off reviewing freebies that you get?

    Jealous much?!! I'd post the emails on your blog. Name and shame!!

  5. I should really name and shame them but I don't know what their blogspot names are, they both emailed from personal accounts with generic addresses (i.e. no real names). I also don't want to have their negative comments on my blog coz that would only bring more attention to their childishness and give the them the reaction they obviosuly crave. And we all know the best way to deal with badly behaved children is to ignore their tantrums!ha ha

  6. Can't believe people are doing that?! They must have blog envy, do they expect you to turn companies down that offer you free stuff to review? I think not!
    It is a bad reflection on themselves not on you so they should "do one"!

  7. Very well said, totally agree with you :-)

  8. I still can't believe people are emailing you and saying such nasty things. It is jealousy plain and simple. You are always honest in your reviews -- regardless of whether it is a product that was sent to you or one you bought yourself! And that's why we love reading your blog!!!!!



  9. someone actually emailed you slagging you off?!!! what?!!! we need to talk lady!! xxx


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