Friday, 25 September 2009

Miracle Worker for Lips!

I was sent some products from the lovely people at SpaceNK and I couldn't contain my excitement when I pulled a little square pink box out of the parcel. I read the name By Terry and a huge smile broke out on my face. It was the By Terry Baume De Rose! This is the product that Lollipop26 has continuously raved about in her posts and in her YouTube videos. I don't have access to this brand in Scotland so I was so so so excited to be able to try this product.

It's basically a super moisturising, soothing, repairing lip balm made with highly concentrated Rose Wax and lipids. I remember seeing Lollipop26's reviews on it and I remember thinking...hmmm, £30 for a lip balm? That's just a bit excessive! I would never have dreamt of spending that much on that type of product.

So what did I think of it?....First off, I love the smell (it's rose scented) and I also love the frosted glass packaging with silver lid embossed with the By Terry logo, which is simply but expensive looking (well, you would hope so, wouldn't you!). I love the fact that the balm is a milky Baby Pink colour too. On first application of the balm, it felt so smooth and you only need a very small amount, it just glides on your lips. It leaves a lovely light milky pink colour on the lips and it just makes them look so plump and healthy. I can categorically say that it feels so gorgeous to wear! It lasted a long time on my lips and I have to say that my dry, chapped lips were healed within 24 hours of wearing it! I was absolutely astounded at how nourishing and moisturising this lip balm is. I applied the balm a total of 3 times in the 24 hour period (including applying it before bed) and it COMPLETELY eradicated any dryness or flakiness. My lips feel incredibly smooth.

This is, without doubt, the best lip balm I have ever tried and I have been so amazed by the results. I would have NEVER ever paid £30 for a lip balm before but I know now that I couldn't get through the winter without this lip balm, it's now become in my top 5 of must have products. If you get it, I can guarantee you won't be disappointed. All I can say is..WOW.


  1. Oh man, you're really making me want to spend £30 on a lip balm haha. My lips are so bad during autumn/winter..they are already starting to crack :)
    Ad how the heck did you get Space NK to send you samples? haha thats amazing! xxx

  2. Ive been happy with my Korres Lip Butter for ages.. but now Im wanting to spend £30 too!!! Wish I never read this now! hahaha.

    Jo.. X

  3. Your such a jammy madam when it come's freebies. jelous muchx

  4. I'd love to try some of this. I have heard good things about it from a couple of bloggers.

    Bit pricey. I'm not sure I could ever hand the cash over for it!

    Maybe I need to go have a try of some and see...


  5. Lovely, this product is on my xmas/bday list :D hopefully i will have some soon. Wish SpaceNK would send me some freebies haha

  6. This lip balm looks soo lovely! I may have to buy this in the near future. I really like the colour of it.

  7. I bought this and am in love with it too. Will definitely buy it again and I'm now lusting after some more ByTerry products:)


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