Thursday, 17 September 2009

Nails: DIY or Salon?

I just wanted to get some feedback from you girls on whether you do your own nails at home or go to a salon to get them done professionally? I have always had good strong nails that grow really fast so luckily I've never had a need to get acrylics or gels or anything. As you can see from the pic on the right, I like my nails to be either french manicure or with a pale pink polish (pic is from my engagement party photos hence the ring...I swear it was the only proper pic I had of my nails just in case you think I'm shamelessly showing off!ha ha). You'll have to excuse my freakishly long fingers...I hate them!

I always seem to stick to light/pale nail polishes on my hands because a) It shows less when they chip and chipped nails are a pet hate of mine and b) I think it looks more 'clean'...if that makes sense? I sometimes try bright colours on my nails but as soon as I see a tiny chip, I have to remove it all straight away...obsessive much? What can I say, I'm a perfectionist and sometimes, I can't control it!ha ha

I always just do my own nails and with all the practice I've had over the years, I have become really good at it. Also, with the Kiss white nail tip pen I bought a while ago, doing a french manicure on myself is easy peasy. I buff and smooth my nails once a week, file them regularly and use hand cream almost every day so I have never seen the need to go to a salon and pay someone else to do it for me. Maybe that makes me cheap, but I would rather buy myself a new nail polish that will last me ages than use the money to go to a salon and get a couple of coats applied for the same price or more.

Shockingly, even though I'm a real girl's girl, I've only ever had a professional manicure once or twice in my life and I've never had a professional pedicure (don't like people touching my feet!)However, I do get the whole 'pampering' thing and I like to be treated just as much as the next girl. But with everyone's finances hitting hard times, I really don't like to pay for something I can do just as well myself. I have started to wonder I missing out on something? I also do my own pedicures but I would quite like to see how that would compare to a professional will have to enlighten me as to whether it's worth it...


  1. I think your nails are amazing, and as you do such a good job making them pretty, why go elsewhere? Btw I think you have nice fingers, better than short little ones that look like sausages hey! xxx

  2. Oh god, it's like looking at my own hand! :O You should be proud of your long fingers's a very nice hand you got there. I find small little hands with long nails to be horrible!

    I do my own nails's easy when you have big nails ;)

  3. Hi thanks for following me, I love your blog great reviews... you've got yourself a new follower, great nail BTW :)

  4. Your nails are lovely - I just do my own French tips! I'm not the best at doing it but with a little practice! Saves me the money of getting it done at a salon! xx

  5. I do my own nails, and I'm the totall opposite to you lol. I love bright colours. And I don't hate light peachy, pinks, they just don't appeal to me.

    Plus, with doing them myself I save money and go straight to Sally's/Salon Service's for the polish.

    BTW I want ur hands lol, there lovely. xx

  6. I do my own nails too, I have the same thinking about paying that money when you could get a nice new polish for less money!
    The Kiss pen is on my to buy list after seeing it on Hele Says and it looks great.
    I love nude polishes as well but been trying some other darker colours for Autumn, I have the same obsessive chip thing too, I HATE chipped polish with a passion!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog,seems like you've got a pretty cute one too! I have my nails done every two weeks - its easier and actually less time consuming - I'll just eat the cost - its worth it. I usually stick to french exclusively but as fall approaches I'm thinking of going really dark for a time or two - maybe close to Halloween? I think it could be fun!

  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I do my own nails. I used to go to the salon to get them done [there is a great natural nail bar in Greensboro] but then I realized that it's so much cheaper to do them myself, and I don't leave unhappy about the way they turned out.

  9. I usually do my own nails unless I'm getting ready for a special occasion. Then I might treat myself to a mani/pedi. My fiance's mother regularly gives me gift certificates for a pedicure at our favorite nail I'm not usually the one spending the money.

    I never wear acrylics anymore though I did in college.

  10. i do my own nails all the time..but i do go get manicures because i can't cut my own cuticles...i always doa hack

  11. Your nails look great. I've had a manicure once or twice but I tend to do mine at home, but I've never tried a french manicure. Means I'm just about to start doing an NVQ in nails I best get practicing!

  12. Hey hun, I got my nails done three times at a salon, for my boyfriends gradss, for christmas, then my debs the year later. I really loved the look because whatever I do my nail varnish seems to chip ALL the time. I have done french tips on myself before (I love the look), wasn't as nice looking but if you can do it nicely yourself then theres no need to go to a salon, only for a rare occasion! I normally get a manicure (which omg, I got a manicure done before christmas 2 years ago in Yves Rocher in Cork and she made my fingers bleed when at my cuticles and then sealed in the blood with clear nail varnish! Never again!) Your ring is gorgeous 2 :)

  13. Hey!
    I can totally relate to what you are saying. I love having a manicure and a pedicure so much, but here in Germany it is so expensive. As I am a student I definately have to do it myself... :-(
    But it is also a good thing because I like being by myself doing a beauty evening with a nice tv-show, a glass of wine and pampering me! Feels so good, too!
    Love your blog.


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