Monday, 7 September 2009

YouTube beckons...

Hey everyone, hope Monday wasn't too painful for you all, I got through it surprisingly unscathed!

Just a quick post to say that I've been musing about whether to start posting YouTube vids but I'm in two minds about's the Pro's and Con's that are rattling around my head...

  • I can share more of my makeup/hair/nails/clothes obsessions with you guys
  • You will get to know me a bit better
  • I can go into alot more detail about products when doing reviews
  • I can do FOTD and demonstrations on video


  • I'm a wee bitty scared that someone I know will come across my channel and rip the proverbial out of me for rambling on about makeup!
  • I'm not sure how good my digital camera is for video mode
  • I don't particularly like the sound of my own voice, or at least the way it sounds when it's recorded (why do you sound SO different to other people?????)
  • I'm not sure I have a whole lot more to contribute than what's already on YouTube! I mean I'm no expert or makeup artist and there's some really skilled girls on there!

So, I need to take a few opinions on whether you think I should go for it and start posting vids or whether you think there are enough beauty bloggers doing that already???


  1. I have recorded some vids but I HATE the way I sound. Yuck!

    Go for it, and let us all know when you do! xxx

  2. I'd say go for it, but just becareful about what you say in case employers/coworkers etc see it and think you are talking about them.

    You are already on here though so people could find you just as easily!

    I dont want to always see companies and magazine doing reviews. I like real people giving opinions as they are unbiased.

    I tried to do a video but it wouldnt upload- but i get quite camera shy anyway!

    If you do post then put links here- or upload here first and we will give you feedback?

  3. I hate the sound of my own voice. I hate it with a passion..but once i started the vids.. aside from 2 or 3 awkward first attempts ( my first few vids are rubbish) i now just seem to produce them at an alarming rate!!
    Om my bf's battery died will resond to the email in the mornin!! xox

  4. I think you should definitely give it a go. Im a big fan of your blog, I think you'd have a great followoing on youtube if you started to do vids and you really would contribute a lot I think most people hate the sound of their own voice hunny, actually Im quite certain everyone does.. but once the first few are out the way that wont be an issue for you. You'll be popping them vids out hehe. I wouldn't worry about the work issue either and your collegues seeing the vids, most of the women on their obviously have full time jobs, and I don't think people would have anything negative to say to you.. only positive. And the end of the day you're providing a service. Youtube make up vids are big buisness now. Give it a go hunny, I think you'd surprise yourself.

    Jo.. X

  5. do it!! lol id better at giving advice then doing it! ive been thinking about doing youtube videos too but have the same cons u do!

  6. Go for it. I've just started and I don't really know why, but would love to subscribe to you. Do it and let us know! x

  7. While I would love to see you do videos, I understand your concerns. Going YouTube is going extremely public and one should think long and hard on the subject. Consider the type of occupation you are involved in and if there would be any fall out if clients/coworkers/boss found you along with friends/family etc... Try to anticipate any and all scenarios that might arise for you.

  8. I like youtube because I am quite lazy and find that talking is much more fun than writing BUT there are some nast-y people on youtube that will say some not so nice things..but you have to just shrug it off and hope for the best! You can always try it and if you dislike it the vids can always be deleted! Good luck! :)

  9. I would never talk about my my work in detail or people at my work so that would never be a problem. I'm more worried about people making fun of me as pathetic as that sounds!ha ha. I think what I may do as a happy medium is make some vids then post them ONLY on my blog...that way, they will reach the people who will receive them in the way they were intended

  10. Ive been thinking about doing youtube vids for a while but i have the same cons as you and not sure that i have the confidence to do it. Your idea to just post vids on here is a good one then you know you only have people watching them that are interested in the same thing x

  11. I always sound different on video... (I sound more manly than I think I do!!) I took the plunge and posted a video of myself reviewing some products and after some time I hadnt that many views so decided not to do it anymore. But unless you try you'll never know. :) So go for it. DO a test run with your camera and see how it works out, I was afraid of people finding my page 2 but I think they'll support you rather than slate you. I think each guru has something different to offer... everyone adds something! Thats all your cons sorted!! GO FOR IT!!


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