Saturday, 10 October 2009

Exceptionnel De Chanel Mascara

After reading Bubblegarm's blog and in my quest for my HG mascara, I decided to check out Chanel's new mascara...Exceptionnel De Chanel. I don't generally buy Chanel makeup as I have never been that impressed by it in the past. I do like their lip glosses though. This mascara is marketed as "a dream mascara is one that is VOLUMIZING, CURLING and LASTING. EXCEPTIONNEL DE CHANEL achieves these three feats in perfect harmony. Its exceptional brush provides lash-by-lash application and creates an intense volume effect for precise makeup from roots to tips". This mascara has a weird 6 sided rubber brush that you have to rotate as you apply it, which can be a bit tricky. However, it's worth getting the technique right as the first time I applied it, I didn't bother rotating the wand and it showed. The second time, I tried using the recommended technique and it worked ALOT better! This is what effect it gave... I wouldn't say my lashes were particularly volumised, however the mascara did provide quite alot of length and curl. I wasn't blown away by this product though and I do own mascara's that do a better job overall (Rouge Bunny Rouge Big Lash & YSL Faux Cils). One good thing about this mascara is it doesn't clump.
The one thing I really can't tolerate with a mascara is smudging, it always seems to happen in the outer corners of the eye and it drives me crazy. This mascara smudged on me, within a couple of hours of applying it. I really would expect more of a higher end mascara and I was disappointed. I don't know if it's because I have different shaped eyes or different lashes to other people who loved this product...that may be the reason why it doesn't work for me.
So, overall, I thought this mascara was ok, but nothing out of the ordinary and I certainly won't be relying on it like I do with my Rouge Bunny Rouge or YSL one.


  1. I always get smudging there too and if you pay a lot for a mascara you would expect it to stay put!! I was tempted by this but will give it a miss after your review. Thanks!!

  2. I'm tempted to try the new YSL mascara (I think it's called Singuliers?) as it's supposed to be really good!

  3. oh no it smudged.. this was the only mascara that never smudged on me one bit, even through a million sneezes! This is proof that what works for one person doesnt work for another... oh well :( im also tempted to try the new ysl mascara... hmmm dangerous :) i need to use up the ones in my box first! xx

  4. Bubblegarm - yeah it's weird that mascaras sometimes depend on how your eyelashes grow, if that makes sense?If you have very long lashes that meet at the outer corner then it's probably more likely to smudge...oh well, it's just one of those things!


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