Sunday, 27 December 2009

Christmas is over :(

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas...I have really enjoyed reading everyone's posts about their decorations and presents they got. My post is a bit late but I just wanted to take a small break from blogging to enjoy Christmas time. I spent Christmas with my parents, brother and fiance (and the dogs) and we had a great time eating too much, drinking too much and watching too much TV! My mum did a great job of decorating the house and it looked really warm and welcoming...

I especially love this Santa that sits on the fireplace...

The tree also looked so pretty!
This is one of our dogs, Findlay, as you can tell he was REALLY excited about what santa might bring him and so was his Christmas teddy bear!
But Findlay (right) and our other dog Hamish finally settled down for the night, tucked up with their teddy bears (of which they are MANY...too many!).
As you can see our dogs are spoilt! Here's Hamish posing for a pic with me on Christmas day (maybe it's true about what they say...about dogs looking like their owners!)
I got so many great presents this year and I thought I would show you a small selection of them. First up are some studded suede shoe boots I got from my Fiance's mum and dad (they are from a shop called AB10)...
They also got me a black patent bag with gold detailing from Jasper Conran and I really love this bag. It will go with everything!

They also got me a dress from French Connection which I had been eyeing up for months. It looks loose in the picture but the dress is actually quite fitted, a couple of inches above the knee and it's really flattering...My mum and dad got me this gorgeous buttery soft tan leather jacket which I know will last me for years to come. I have never felt such soft leather before! I have already been formulating all the outfits that will go with this!I hope you guys got some lovely presents and had a great time and I look forward to reading some more of your posts!


  1. Your Santa Claus is so cute! I want him to sit on our sideboard! I also love the picture of your dogs with all their stuffed animals. They look very cozy! :)

    I am a handbag addict and may have to steal this from you! ;)


  2. Your decorations are gorgeous!!

    You've got some lovely presents, that jacket is really cute, I love the colour of it!


  3. Aw that looks like such a lovely Christmas, so nice of your fella's parents to get you such tasteful presents. My in laws are awful, they got us a £5.99 bottle of cava, to share between my and the BF! Lol they are so cheap! Looks like you are marrying into a nice family if they care enough to look out presents that you will really like, I am pretty sure you mentioned that dress in pink a while back?

  4. Wow, your decorations look amazing!
    I love the bright blue color of those suede heels :)

  5. I'm so sad Christmas is over...:( I absolutely love all the white decorations...gorgeous! The dogs are ridiculously cute with their teddy bears..I love how blonde they are lol You got some amazing stuff!!

  6. That tan jacket is the perfect color. Not to yellow/orangy.. omg perfect!!!!!!!! Love the pics looks like a perfect setting for xmas!
    Love the santa on the fireplace.. too cute!! :)) xoxox

  7. wow.. :) what a wonderful Christmas you had.. and your presents too!

    your dogs are soooo gorgeous, I have a golden ret here at home but not as fluffy as yours, I guess it has something to do with the climate..

    happy new year! :)

  8. Your decorations are beautiful!! I also love your wallpaper!! xxx

  9. Love the leather jacket and shoe boots you were given! Gorgeous.


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