Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Graphic Eyes: Scary or Futuristic Fab?

Although I'm not normally one for heavy eye makeup, I'm loving the graphic eye looks that are around at the moment. Leona Lewis has been sporting this look ever since her appearance on X Factor and Beyonce has a similar look in her new video for 'Videophone' with Lady GaGa. I was reading Look magazine and Leona's makeup artist, Jane Bradley has said that she used Bobbi Brown Long Wear Cream Shadow in Black Pearl to create the look below, then a gunmetal grey powder shadow ovet the top of that to set it. I think it would work best with something that has a slight metallic finish to it.

I am so tempted to try this look and possibly tone it down for my own colouring by using a navy blue shade instead of pure black which could be too harsh on me. I must admit the precise and dramatic look scares me a little since you have to get the lines so perfect. I just think that it has such a glamourous look to it and you could even use bronze tones depending on your mood or even make the shape finer so it doesn't go so far over your socketline. Obviously the rest of your makeup would have to remain pretty neutral and not too 'shiny' to make sure all the emphasis was on your peepers! I would only ever wear this as a night-time look...I wouldn't fancy popping to the shops with this look!

Nic from Pixiwoo also did a tutorial inspired by this look http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iS5ilXEIqM.

So what do you guys reckon, are you loving this look or do you think it's a bit much?


  1. I love this look.
    I wore it out to a friends gig using silver and black. To make sure the lines were perfect I used sticky labels at the corner of each eye. Looks strange at the time but the lines are perfect afterwards. You should definately try it out, I'd love to see your take on it :)

  2. I love this look! I've tried it a couple times, but definitely only for a night out look! Wayyy too dramatic for the daytime IMO

  3. I love it! But I agree with the others: reserve this one for a night out. Maybe I'll try something similar for New Years Eve :) I prefer Leona's makeup compared to Beyonce's as it's more wearable. Beyonce's version is too dramatic/theatrical, for my liking anyway!

  4. Love love love it! The only thing that would stop me from wearing it that it does smudge a lot (in the crease/upper eyelid). Especially when you are out dancing... Mhm, don´t have an idea to fix this problem. Do you?

  5. I love it! But my eyes are kind of weird, like they are slightly hooded so doing eyes like this makes them appear kinda heavy/ droopy....I think you should do an FOTD like this, it'd be HOT!

  6. i thought it was u !!u do look like leona lewis!i thought u put on too much bronzer !lol

  7. I like it! I used to do something similar to this with black eyeshadow in high school, only I took it almost all the way up to my eyebrows. Gross! LOL!

    BTW, I'm your 400th subscriber! Wow! :)


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