Sunday, 20 December 2009

I only went into Boots for one thing...

Although the ground was well and truly covered in snow yesterday and it was freezing, myself and Chris had to venture out to pick up some food. It was too icy and dangerous to drive far, but we popped down to the nearest supermarket and there just happens to be a Boots right next to it. I wanted to pick up a lighter shade of Revlon Colourstay as my skin is definitely a bit lighter now that we have hit the cold weather. I was wearing True Beige but I've found that Natural Beige suits my current skintone alot better and blends in seamlessly. Of course, I can NEVER just go in for one thing...I get distracted in Boots by all kinds of things... First I spotted some festive exfoliating gloves and what made them festive you ask???Well, they had silver glittery thread running through them of course! Yes, Boots saw me coming a mile off! They know that us girls look sparkly things at this time of year and I convinced myself that I needed new ones anyway. They do a great job and have saved me alot of money in body scrubs. Then I thought, I'm a bit pale at the moment and I'd like a bit of a glow (not a dark tan as that looks a bit silly in the middle of winter!) so I toddled along and picked up some Dove Summer Glow, I like the subtle colour it gives you. Then I remembered that I had almost run out of Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment and since it has been such a brilliant addition to my hair care routine, I thought I better pick another tub up.

My French Manicure Nail Pen mysteriously went missing ages ago and I've missed it ever since so I picked up another one. If you haven't heard of these before then basically they are a fine tip pen used to paint the white tips on your nails. The last one I had was from a brand called Kiss and the colour was quite opaque but I wanted to try another one that gives a more 'pearly' natural look. So I picked up the one by Nailene. Then lastly I picked up some more Neutrogena Visibly Clear 2 in 1 Wash coz I can't live without this stuff.

So after all that and only intending to get one thing, I ended up spending almost £40! I am definitely my own worst enemy!


  1. I'm like that with Boots. Although I mnaged to go in last week and pick up ne thing. I was very proud of myself. (I might go back this week and pick up all the other things I saw though!!)

  2. Im exactly the same hunny. Can never leave Boots with just one thing, so many things call my name when Im in there. Boots is so bad for my purse :(

    Great buys though hunny. Love the gloves especially.


  3. Great haul! I have 25 inches on the ground, my butt is staying inside, lol. (Kinda gives me time to clean and wrap all the xmas gifts)

    I too am my worst enemy!!! I have to place myself on a no shopping ban for AT LEAST a month...ughh

  4. @Emma - I never ever manage to survive a trip to Boots without spending at least £30...I always justify it by thinking I will get lots of advantage points on my card!ha ha

    @Jo - I am such a sucker for anything pink and especially sparkly...they had sprinkled the gloves all over the store just to make me buy them!ha ha

    @J-ezzy - 25 inches of snow!now that's winter!it's nice at this time of year but not nice when you can't get anywhere. I would put a ban on myself too but I know I would only last a day or so, especially with all the sales on after Christmas!

  5. Nice haul! I don't think there has been a time when I've been in Boots and purchased one thing *hides* especially when they have loads of Xmas goodies. :)

  6. I am bad in boots but even worse in superdrug Once I hit sleek, gosh and then the body lotion and scrub bit my wallet is done for!

  7. when has it ever been possible to walk out of boots with just one thing?! :)LOVE the neutrogena face wash and ive used one of those nailene pens...really good for precise white tips!

  8. Great point, post Xmas sales, oh noooo


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